UNITED UKRAINIAN ORGANIZATIONS, 5566 Pearl Rd., was formed in 1928 to coordinate the social, cultural, and charitable work of the various Ukrainian-American organizations in Cleveland. By 1935 40 local groups were members of the UUO, then located at the Ukrainian Natl. Home on W. 14th St. In 1940 the organization undertook the formation of a national Ukrainian organization, the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Inc.; in 1966 the local UUO began functioning as the local branch of the national organization. During its history, the local group has regularly sponsored celebrations of Ukrainian culture, paid tribute to Ukrainian heroes such as poet and patriot Taras Shevchenko, commemorated Ukrainian Independence Day, raised funds for various charitable projects, and rallied to protest oppression of the Ukrainian people by various foreign powers, especially the former Soviet Union. The United Ukrainian Organizations had 38 member organizations in 1995 and the president was Wasyl Liscynesky.

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