The VIDARO CORPORATION, also known as Euclid-Vidaro Manufacturing Company, was founded in 1870 by Simon and David Rosenblatt. The original name of the company was Rosenblatt Brothers, and it was known for manufacturing men’s shirts and overalls. The company was located at 59 ½ Bank (West 6th) Street.

In the 1900s, control of the company passed to Carl K. Rosenblatt. During this time, it was known as the Euclid Manufacturing Company.  In the 1930s, under the leadership of Charles S. Rosenblatt, the company focused solely on producing overalls and work clothes that could be sold in stores across Ohio, and in neighboring areas of Indiana and Pennsylvania.

Charles Rosenblatt passed away in 1950 and his wife, Eva, took control of the business. That same year, the company moved from Cleveland, Ohio, to Kent, Ohio, citing a shortage of employees. In 1959, Charles B. Rosenblatt replaced his mother as president of the company. Two years later, Rosenblatt partnered with Edward B. Davis to run the company. Rosenblatt focused on management and production, while Davis focused on marketing and sales.

In 1965, the company started the Vidaro division in Twinsburg to make safety clothing for hazardous work places. The next year, the company consolidated all its operations into a new plant in kento, IOho. In the 1970s, they began to produce a broader line of clothing, including blazers, smocks, and jackets in modern prints and brighter colors.


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