VORCE, MYRON BOND (14 Aug. 1871-?), was President of the Vorce Engineering Company and was responsible for the design of much of the present park and boulevard system in Cleveland.

Vorce was a native of the city of Cleveland and was educated in the CLEVELAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS. His father was Charles M. Vorce, and his mother was Evelyn Cornelia Marshall.

After securing a position with a surveying company, Vorce began to study engineering and held various positions in that field. While employed by E.W. Bowdich of Boston, he was sent to Cleveland to develop Euclid Heights, Clifton Park and other local projects. He worked as an assistant engineer with the park board and in 1898 joined the city engineering department as assistant engineer in the work of intercepting sewers, and led reorganization efforts within the sewer maintenance department. He also served as pavement engineer of Cleveland and inspector of buildings before deciding to organize the Vorce Engineering Company in 1907.

In 1903, Vorce married Ethel Ridgley Stearns of Detroit. He was at one time commodore of the Lakewood Yacht Club.

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