The VORWAERTS TURNER HALL was built at Willson and Harlem streets (1622 E. 55th) in 1893 by members of the Turnverein Vorwaerts, a German cultural and gymnastic group established on 18 May 1890. Led by ERNST MUELLER and Bernhard Hoehner in its early years, after the Turnverein Vorwaerts merged with the Germania Turnverein in 1908 their hall became known as the Germania Turnverein Vorwaerts Hall, and continued hosting gymnastic and German cultural events. By 1941 the Germania Turnverein Vorwaerts had become the Cleveland East Side Turners. The Hall's restaurant and social facilities closed in the 1970s. In the 1990s the hall remained in use for gymnastic events and was operated seasonally following an academic school year calendar. In 1995, Ludwig Witt served as president and operating manager.

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