WATERWORKS AMERICA, INC. was established ca. 1984 by Bruce Wirtanen. Wirtanen, a chemist, formed Waterworks after developing a technique to manufacture acyclic copolymer crystals that helped to reduce water usage. Initially marketed for use with home gardeners,the product was soon utilized internationally by farms and nurseries. Waterworks became a multi-million dollar company, headquartered in NORTH ROYALTON North Royalton. The crystals, which hold 400 times their weight in water, are mixed with soil and fertilizer, and are credited with helping reduce water usage in the more arid farming regions of the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and North and South America. In 1994 company founder Bruce Wirtanen was president. The company then had 42 employees. At that date Waterworks also had offices in Singapore and Dubai, and plants in Chicago and New Jersey. Beginning in 1994, the company also marketed its crystals for use in solidifying wet waste materials. In 2004, Waterworks America was headquartered at 13676 York Rd. in North Royalton.

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