WEY, ALEXANDER JOSEPH (12 Dec. 1896-17 Nov. 1981) was an influential Catholic layman who devoted half a century to the service of the religious press. The son of John and Barbara Way of Cleveland, he attended St. Mary High School and in 1917 began working for the Catholic Bulletin, a weekly founded in 1911 by his brother, Linus G. Wey. At the request of Bp. JOSEPH SCHREMBS, A.J. Wey merged the Bulletin with the older Catholic Universe in 1926 to form the CATHOLIC UNIVERSE BULLETIN. As general manager of the Catholic Press Union, publisher of the Universe Bulletin, Wey helped establish diocesan newspapers in Toledo and Youngstown. He originated the Student Press Crusade, whereby subscriptions to the Universe Bulletin were sold by parochial students. He also participated in organizing the Catholic Press Assoc. of the United States and Canada, which he served 2 terms each as president and vice president. His retirement from the Catholic Press Union on 1 Feb. 1967 occurred 50 years to the day after his entrance into Catholic journalism. He was named a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Gregory by Pope Pius XII in 1940 and elected honorary president for life after 3 terms as president of the ST. VINCENT DePAUL SOC. of Cleveland. A lifelong resident of LAKEWOOD, he married the former Matilda Wirtz in 1921. He was survived by her, their son Matthew, and daughter Sister Maretta, a former asst. dir. for curriculum for the Diocesan Education Office.

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