The WHITE CONSOLIDATED INDUSTRIES FOUNDATION, INC., was founded in 1951 by WHITE CONSOLIDATED INDUSTRIES, INC., and the Tappan Co. The corporate entity, among Cleveland's largest FOUNDATIONS in terms of assets, has supported projects which promote the welfare of CHILDREN AND YOUTH, HIGHER EDUCATION and EDUCATION for minorities, and the alleviation of hunger and drug abuse, as well as donating to community funds, HOSPITALS AND HEALTH PLANNING, and cultural programs. It also has maintained a matching gift program for employee charitable gifts. The foundation has given mainly in the Cleveland and Columbus, OH, areas. In 1991 the White Consolidated Industries Foundation, with over $649,000 in assets, distributed $277,741 for 63 grants between $85 and $78,000. The largest grant ($78,000) went to UNITED WAY SERVICES, Cleveland, while the CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA received $25,000 and the Cleveland Initiative for Education (initiated in the late 1980s by the CLEVELAND FOUNDATION) received $20,000. In 1994 Daniel R. Elliott, Jr., chaired the White Consolidated Industries Foundation, located at White's corporate offices on Cleveland's west side. As of 1995, the foundation was scheduled to dissolve, with the corporation overtaking the fund's charitable giving.


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