WHITEHEAD, REV. EATON (30 Sept. 1933-8 April 1993) was the founder and pastor of Pine Grove Baptist Church, and pastor of several Baptist churches on Cleveland's East Side. He was also involved in the Civil Rights movement.

Born in Bolizee, Alabama, Rev. Whitehead grew up in Tishabee, Alabama and moved to Cleveland in 1952 where he worked several years for the National Terminal Corporation. Whitehead also worked for BOBBIE BROOKS, INC. for two decades and was a steward in the INTERNATIONAL LADIES GARMENT WORKERS UNION.

Whitehead graduated from the Ohio branch of the American Baptist Theological Seminary of Nashville, Tenn., and was ordained in 1958. Whitehead helped found Pine Grove Baptist Church in 1959 and served as its pastor for five years. He became assistant minister of Second New Hope Baptist Church, pastor of Second St. John Baptist Church and treasurer and trustee of Fidelity Baptist Church. He was also affiliated with Treidstone, Love Devine, and Avon Avenue Baptist churches. Whitehead had resumed the pastorate at Pine Grove only a years before his death.

Whitehead helped establish Operation Breakfast in Cleveland during the late 1960s. The organization was the job advocacy arm of the Southern Christian Leadership Copnference (SCLC). He worked with the Rev. E. Randall Osborn, executive director of the SCLC, at its Atlanta headquarters.

Whitehead married Arvetta Burton on 14 Dec. 1991. Whitehead's children are Eaton Jr., Benjamin, Chester, Jo-Ann Ferris, and step-children Samuel, Thomas, Paul, Audrey, and Brenda Burton, Ruth Mitchell and Theresa Morton. Whitehead is buried in Highland Park Cemetery.

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