WILDE, JOSEPH (28 Feb. 1857-29 March 1923) provided music for the residents of Cleveland's "Little Bohemia" (see CZECHS) both as a performer and as a dealer in musical instruments. A native of Prague, Bohemia, he served his apprenticeship as a maker and repairer of instruments in the old country. Emigrating to America at 17, he came to Cleveland and married Marie Trnka in 1883. After working as an instrument maker for Joseph Fischer Musical Instruments downtown, by 1885 he had opened his own establishment in the Broadway-East 55th neighborhood. There he made, sold, and repaired violins, violas, and button-box accordians. As a performer on the latter instrument, he was a fixture at weddings, dances, and excursions via the old OHIO AND ERIE CANAL to picnic grounds on Rockside Rd. Wilde eventually had his own shop built at 4043 Broadway, a storefront structure with an attached living quarters and workshop. His 4 oldest sons saw service in WORLD WAR I, with Alexander being killed in action. Wilde died in Cleveland and was buried in Highland Park Cemetery. He was survived by his wife and 7 children: John, Joseph, Mary, Rose, Yaro, William, and Christine Wintle.

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