The WOLPERT FUND was founded in 1980 by Samuel A. and Roslyn A. Wolpert to "create opportunities for people to develop and work together." It was created as one of the CLEVELAND FOUNDATION's supporting organizations. The Wolpert Fund promotes the enhancement of racial integration in CLEVELAND HTS., the welfare of Cleveland JEWS AND JUDAISM, culture and EDUCATION, and the use of computers by nonprofit organizations. In 1981 the fund sponsored a multicultural celebration throughout the Cleveland Hts.-Univ. Hts. schools; in 1987 it made a 2-yr. grant to the Heights Fund, which provides financial incentives for pro-integrative moves within those cities. The foundation has also supported the FHC Housing Corp., the Nuclear Age Resource Center, TEMPLUM HOUSE, the Cleveland College of Jewish Studies, and SHAKER SQUARE, among others. In 1989, with assets of over $840,000, the foundation disbursed over $51,000 for 24 grants between $300 and $10,000. In 1989 Roslyn Wolpert served as president of the fund, whose offices are located at the Cleveland Foundation.

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