WOMEN SPEAK OUT FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE is a group dedicated to protesting for peace and justice and against war, racism, injustice, and inequalities in society. It was formed in 1968 out of a group of Cleveland women who traveled to Washington, DC, to join a protest march against the Vietnam War. Organizer and first chairperson of Women Speak Out was Mrs. Louise Peck. The second chairperson was Mrs. Joanne Klunder, widow of the Rev. BRUCE W. KLUNDER. The group was aimed at the "younger suburban woman with a somewhat more active perspective on the issue of war and the issues of human concern." In its early years, the group focused on protesting the Vietnam War and the military draft. At that time there were approx. 1,100 members, and the majority of funding came from a "peace boutique." Since 1975 the group has been affiliated with the Women's Intl. League for Peace and Freedom. In 1993, when the organization celebrated its 25th anniversary, there were approx. 600 members in the Cleveland area, and Kathy Soltis served as president.

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