WORTHINGTON, GEORGE (21 Sept. 1813-9 Nov. 1871), founder of Cleveland Iron & Nail Works, Cleveland Iron Mining Co., and GEO. WORTHINGTON CO., was born in Cooperstown, N.Y. to Ralph and Clarissa Clarke Worthington, completed a common-school education, and started his career in 1830 as a hardware store clerk in Utica. After 4 years he moved to Cleveland, where with $500 borrowed from his brother, he started his own hardware business. Almost all of Worthington's early business was conducted by barter. At first his goods were carted to him in oxen-drawn wagons; later they were shipped by lake schooner from Buffalo. He associated himself with WM. BINGHAM in 1835, and they bought out the stock of Cleveland Sterling & Co. In 1841, Bingham sold his interests in the company to Worthington. A few years later, Worthington associated with Jas. Barnett and Edward Bingham. By establishing new markets in neighboring towns, their company soon became the largest hardware business in the region, with annual sales of over $1 million. Worthington started Cleveland Iron & Nail Works with Wm. Bingham in 1863. Worthington helped organize and was president of First Natl. Bank of Cleveland, director of Ohio Savings & Loan Bank and Hahneman Life, and vice-president of Sun Insurance Co. He was president of Cleveland Iron Co. and a director of the Cleveland, Columbus & Cincinnati Railroad. Worthington married Maria Blackmar in 1840 and had 8 children, 6 who survived to adulthood: Abigail, May, Clarissa, Alice, Ralph, and George. Worthington is buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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