YOUNGLOVE, MOSES C. (13 Dec. 1811-13 Apr. 1892), innovative businessman, was born in Cambridge, N.Y., son of Moses and Hannah (Wells) Younglove. He entered college to study law, but abandoned his studies to go into business. Younglove arrived in Cleveland in 1836, in 1837 joining Edward P. Wetmore in establishing a book and stationery store. In 1838, Younglove bought his partner's share, beginning a job-printing and publishing business in addition to selling books and paper. He sold his book business in 1852. Younglove brought several steam-powered machines to Cleveland. In Aug. 1845 he set up a steam-powered printing press in the offices of the Cleveland Herald, using it to print the city's papers and his publishing. In 1848, Younglove and John Hoyt established Cleveland Paper Mill, the first paper mill west of the Alleghenies powered by steam. They later merged their company with Lake Erie Paper Co. forming Cleveland Paper Co., of which Younglove was president until he sold his interest in 1867.

Younglove gained control of Cleveland Gas Light & Coke Co. (see EAST OHIO GAS CO) in 1848 and mortgaged everything he owned to finance construction of the gas works. He was a company director for years and its president in the 1860s. Younglove was a founder of Younglove & Massie Agricultural Works, helped organize Society for Savings, and was president of Kelley Island Lime & Transport Co. and Lakeside & Marblehead Railroad Co. He retired from daily business in 1865. He was a member of CLEVELAND ANTI-SLAVERY SOCIETY. Younglove married Maria Day in 1839 and had 5 children: Caroline, Albert, Cornelia, Gertrude, and Lucy. Younglove was buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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