Privacy Notice

The following is a statement of our commitment to protect your personal health information and how you can access a copy of your ambulance records from CWRU EMS. A PDF version of the our privacy notice can be found here

HIPAA Privacy and Security Regulations

• By definition, Case Western Reserve University Emergency Medical Service (CWRU EMS) does not meet the definition of a “covered entity” as defined in 45 CFR 160.103, and is therefore not bound by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”) Privacy or Security regulations.

Reasonable Safeguards

• While CWRU EMS is not a covered entity under the HIPAA definition, we do respect your right to privacy and security of your personal and health-related information.

• CWRU EMS does employ certain policies related to the access, storage, and dissemination of your information. These policies were developed in close relationship with the HIPAA regulations.

• In general, your health information will only be accessed or shared for the following reasons:

          Treatment – We may share any or all of your health information, as is available to us, with other healthcare providers directly involved in your treatment. As an example, a verbal report, as well as written copy of our care report, will be provided to the emergency department staff in the event you were transported to the hospital. 

          Healthcare Operations – Your information may be reviewed by our Director of Quality & Safety, our EMS Chief, our Physician Medical Director, or other administrative officials with a bona fide reason to do so. Such examples may include ensuring the quality of patient care provided, ensuring compliance with established protocols and standards of medical care, or to follow-up on a complaint filed by you or someone on your behalf.

• Your information may, in specific circumstances, be shared with the police (CWRU Police or others) or other officials as we deem appropriate. We will make every reasonable effort to document and account for each of these disclosures as they occur, and only release the minimum amount of information necessary to comply with the requirement or request.

• Your information may also be released in response to a court or administrative order, in response to a subpoena, or when we have your written authorization to release the information to an outside entity.


Your Information – Your Rights

• CWRU EMS recognizes that we obtain and maintain information about you. Consistent with HIPAA standards, we extend you the right to obtain an electronic or paper copy of your medical records that we have on file within thirty (30) days of such request. We reserve the right to require a signed request form and/or proof of identity prior to disclosure (for your privacy), and we may charge a reasonable, cost-related fee for any paper copies.

• Also consistent with HIPAA standards, we extend you the right to request, in writing, a correction of your medical record if you feel it is incorrect or incomplete. We are not required to make the requested corrections, but will provide you with a response within sixty (60) days of receiving your request if we are unable.

• You can request (in writing) an accountability of the disclosures of your information that we have made. We will provide you with any disclosures that we have on record except for disclosures made pursuant to the treatment or healthcare operations allowances referenced above.