Clare Beidelman headshot

Clare Beidelman


The Chief supervises all members and committees of CWRU EMS. The Chief is responsible for day-to-day operations as well as overseeing all other officers.

Clare Beidelman is a member of the Class of 2020 pursuing an Origins BA and a bioethics minor. Clare currently serves as a Crew Chief and CPR instructor with CWRU EMS and holds an EMT-B certificate in Ohio and Indiana as well as NREMT certification. In addition to her involvement with CWRU EMS, Clare helps refugee families and works at Cleveland Clinic Hospice..

Anna Swetz New

Anna Swetz

Assistant Chief of Operations

The Assistant Chief of Operations (ACO) is primarily responsible for overseeing all shifts and personnel. The ACO performs all shift scheduling and membership maintenance. The ACO oversees the External Operations Director, Training Director, Quality Assurance Officer, and Equipment Manager.



Mike K

Mike Komarovsky

Training Director

The Training Director is responsible for maintaining training records and overseeing all training classes for CWRU EMS.

Mike Komarovsky, class of 2021, is pursuing a B.A. in Physiology as well as minors in Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology. Mike currently serves as a Crew Chief and Stop the Bleed Instructor with CWRU EMS as well as an EMT with outside agencies in Cleveland and Chicago. In addition to his work as an EMT, Mike does orthopedics research with University Hospitals and works as an Orientation Leader for CWRU. His future plans include becoming a physician and medical school professor. 

Hazel Herr

Hazel Herr

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance and Service Improvement Director is responsible for maintaining procedural and certification standard for CWRU EMS crew members and operations.

Hazel Herr, class of 2021, is pursuing a BSN in Nursing. She holds an EMT-B certification in Ohio and North Carolina, as well as holding an NREMT certificate. Hazel currently serves as a Crew Chief and hopes to become an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. 

Nikaya Temp

Nikaya Polsani

External Operations

The External Operations Director is responsible for coordinating crews for all events, activities, community outreach and service for CWRU EMS.

Nikaya Polsani, Class of 2021, is pursuing a B.S. in Chemistry. She holds an EMT-B certification in Ohio and an NREMT certificate. Nikaya hopes to pursue a career in public health and healthcare policy.

Ben C

Benjamin Chasse

Equipment Manager

The Equipment Manager is responsible for the maintenance and certification of all CWRU EMS equipment as well as purchasing new supplies and equipment for the organization.

Ben Chasse is a second year nursing student. He holds his EMT certification in the state of Ohio and Connecticut as well. Ben currently serves as a Crew Chief with CWRU EMS.

Amulya Vadlakonda headshot

Amulya Vadlakonda

New Class and Member Coordinator

New Member and Class Coordinator oversees the onboarding process for all new members, including EMT students taking the CWRU EMS EMT Course, new EMTs from the state of Ohio, or out-of-state EMTs who are seeking reciprocity in Ohio. New Member and Class Coordinator organizes and coordinates the CWRU EMS EMT Course with University Hospitals EMT Institute, and oversees the Interview Committee each semester.

Amulya Vadlakonda, class of 2021, is a Biology B.S. candidate on the premedical track. She serves as a Crew Chief and a Stop the Bleed Instructor with CWRU EMS. Amulya has a passion for patient care, and spends her time volunteering at University Hospitals and researching at the CWRU School of Medicine.

Ann Chen headshot

Ann Chen


The Treasurer is responsible for approving all purchases and disbursements as well as maintaining our budget.

Ann Chen, class of 2020, is pursuing a BA in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Japanese. She holds an EMT certification in Ohio and NREMT certification as well. She currently serves as a second officer with CWRU EMS.

Nisha Busch

Nisha Busch


The Recording Secretary is responsible for taking notes at meetings as well as any official correspondence with outside agencies.

Nisha Busch, a first year student, is interested in pursuing a B.A. degree in Neuroscience and a B.S. minor in computer science. She currently serves as a probationary officer for CWRU EMS, with intentions of becoming a physician in the future.

Austin Zhang

Austin Zhang

Public Relations

The PR Chair is responsible for promoting CWRU EMS sponsored events and making sure the community is informed about the organization and its duties.

Austin Zhang, Class of 2021, is pursing a double major in Biology and Medical Anthropology. He holds EMT-B certification in Ohio and Texas as well as a NREMT certificate. Austin currently serves as a second officer with CWRU EMS. Upon graduation, Austin hopes to become a physician with a focus on public health.

Haocheng Du headshot

Jim Du


The Webmaster is in charge of regularly updating and modernizing the website and general upkeep of the CWRU EMS database.

Haocheng Du, double majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. He holds EMT-B certification in Ohio as well as a NREMT certificate. Haoheng currently serves as a second officer with CWRU EMS.

Dennis Rupert


Dennis Rupert is the Associate Vice President for Operations and Planning for the Division of Student Affairs at CWRU. He oversees assessment, community outreach, finance, human resources, information technology, marketing, and strategic planning within Student Affairs as well as various operational areas in departments reporting to the Provost. 

Dennis has been working in higher education for over 25 years and at CWRU for over 15 of those years. His educational background is in psychology, counseling, and nonprofit management. Dennis has been engaged with serving students ever since he was an undergraduate resident assistant. He enjoys spending time with his family, doing home improvement projects, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Dr Jennifer McCarthy, MD


Jennifer Wright McCarthy, MD is the Executive Director of University Health & Counseling Services. She is board certified in internal medicine. Dr. McCarthy received her Bachelor's degree in History from Columbia University as a proud member of the second class of women to graduate from Columbia College. Jennifer graduated from SUNY Downstate College of Medicine magna cum laude and was elected to Alpha Omega Alpha. She did her internal residency at New York Presbyterian Hospital- Weill Cornell Medical College. She spent sixteen years at NYP and held faculty appointments at Cornell and Columbia medical schools. 

Jennifer's key areas of interest are population health management, wellness, mental health, emerging infectious diseases and emergency preparedness. Dr. McCarthy is the mother of four children, including two college students.

Frank Demes


Frank Demes is the Executive Director of CWRU Public Safety. He oversees CWRU's police and security operations, as well as communications (dispatch), emergency management, and facilities security. Frank joined CWRU in November 2015. As a 26-year veteran of the George Washington University Police Department, Frank comes from a department that includes more then 100 police and security officers who serve a university community including more than 25,000 faculty, staff, and students.

Dr Jeffrey Luk, MD headshot

Dr Jeffrey Luk, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Luk works as an Emergency Physician in the Emergency Department at University Hospitals and is the medical director for University Hospitals MedEvac, the University Hospitals of Cleveland Critical Care Transport Team, Cleveland Heights Fire/EMS Department, University Heights Fire/EMS Department, Shaker Heights Fire/EMS Department, and CaseEMS.