Joe Swetz

Joe Swetz is the current Chief of CWRU EMS.


The Chief supervises all members, officers, and committees of CWRU EMS. The Chief oversees day-to-day operations and is responsible for official correspondence with university offices.

Joe has been with CWRU EMS for about 3 years and currently serves as a Crew Chief. Joe is pursuing a B.S. in Chemistry. Outside of EMS, he currently works as a first-year Residential Assistant and does research at CWRU.

Kat Walcott

Kat Walcott is the current Assistant Chief of Operations for CWRU EMS.

Assistant Chief of Operations

The Assistant Chief of Operations (ACO) is primarily responsible for overseeing all shifts and personnel. The ACO performs all shift scheduling and membership maintenance. The ACO oversees the External Operations Director, Training Director, Quality Assurance Officer, and Equipment Manager.

Kat has been with CWRU EMS for about 3 years and currently serves as a Crew Chief. Kat is pursuing a degree in Human Nutrition. She currently works as an office assistant in the Office of First-Year Experience and serves as Springfest director to help plan Springfest and Battle of the Bands at CWRU.

Haocheng Du

Jim Du is the current Training Director for CWRU EMS.

Training Director

The Training Director is responsible for maintaining training records and overseeing all training classes for CWRU EMS.

Alec Winpenny

Alec Winpenny is the current Quality Assurance and Safety Director for CWRU EMS.

Quality Assurance and Safety Director

The Quality Assurance and Safety Director is responsible for maintaining procedural and certification standards for CWRU EMS crew members and operations.

Alec has been an EMT for almost 3 years. After being certified in Pennsylvania, he received reciprocity in Ohio and has served with CWRU EMS for the past 5 semesters. He is currently studying Nursing and pursuing a career as an acute care nurse practitioner. Alec had lived in Germany for 6 months prior to deciding to become an EMT and has since been focusing on his nursing track and EMT position.

Josie Shiff

Josie Shiff is the current External Operations Director for CWRU EMS.

External Operations Director

The External Operations Director is responsible for coordinating crews for all events, activities, community outreach and service for CWRU EMS.

Josie has been with CWRU EMS for about 3 years and currently serves as a Crew Chief. She is pursuing a Nutrition degree on a pre-med track. Outside of EMS, Josie enjoys working with the food recovery network and volunteering with American Red Cross.

Jen Lanza

Jen Lanza is the current Equipment Manager of CWRU EMS.

Equipment Manager

The Equipment Manager is responsible for the maintenance and certification of all CWRU EMS equipment and uniforms as well as purchasing new supplies and equipment for the organization.

Jen has been a paramedic for almost a year, after 4 years of service as an EMT. She has worked for Hudson EMS, Cedar Point, Blossom Music Center, and the US Forest Service, before serving with CWRU EMS as a Crew Chief. Jen is pursuing a Biology degree and enjoys camping and hiking when she’s not on shift.

Jason Collins

New Member and Class Coordinator

The New Member and Class Coordinator oversees the onboarding of all new members, which includes EMT Students, Current EMTs, and General Members. The New Member and Class Coordinator is also the head of the Interview Committee, coordinates the CWRU EMS EMT course alongside UH EMT Institute, and is responsible for ensuring the continued success of all new members throughout their time with our organization.

Jason has been with CWRU EMS for about 3 years and currently serves as a Crew Chief. Jason is pursuing a degree in Health Care Management. Outside of EMS, Jason likes to hike, travel, and spend time in his lab.

Beatriz Feijo

Beatriz Feijo is the current Treasurer for CWRU EMS.


The Treasurer is responsible for approving all purchases and disbursements as well as maintaining our budget.

Beatriz has been with CWRU EMS for about 3 years, and currently serves as a Crew Chief. She is pursuing a B.S. in Biology on the pre-med track. Beatriz currently serves as the Rainbow Relations Director for Spartanthon as well as a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. In her free time, she loves to read and paint by numbers.

Aidan Peard

Aidan Peard is the current Secretary of CWRU EMS.


The Secretary is responsible for managing the club calendar, maintaining minutes from meetings and any official correspondence with outside agencies, and creating weekly newsletters.

Aidan has been an EMT for over a year. After certifying in Oregon, he received reciprocity in Ohio and has been serving with CWRU EMS for 1 year. Aidan is on the pre-med track and he enjoys playing tennis and the violin, outside of EMS.

Emma Heironimus

Emma Heironimus is the current Public Relations Director for CWRU EMS.

Public Relations Director

The Public Relations Director is responsible for promoting CWRU EMS sponsored events and making sure the community is informed about the organization and its duties.

Emma joined CWRU EMS two years ago. She is pursuing degrees in Systems Biology and Chinese on a pre-med track. Outside of EMS, she volunteers in the Ronald McDonald room at UH, does research at the Cleveland VA hospital, acts as secretary for CWRU Cooking Club, and is a part of KLOVER.

Ananya Vadlakonda

Ananya Vadlakonda is the current Webmaster of CWRU EMS.


The Webmaster is in charge of regularly updating and modernizing the website and general upkeep of the CWRU EMS database.

Ananya has been with CWRU EMS for 1 year and is pursuing a B.S. in Biology. Outside of EMS, she enjoys writing, digital design, and dancing.

Dennis Rupert


Dennis Rupert is the Associate Vice President for Operations and Planning for the Division of Student Affairs at CWRU. He oversees assessment, community outreach, finance, human resources, information technology, marketing, and strategic planning within Student Affairs as well as various operational areas in departments reporting to the Provost. 

Dennis has been working in higher education for over 25 years and at CWRU for over 15 of those years. His educational background is in psychology, counseling, and nonprofit management. Dennis has been engaged with serving students ever since he was an undergraduate resident assistant. He enjoys spending time with his family, doing home improvement projects, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Sara H. Lee, MD


Dr. Lee works as the Executive Director of the University Health and Counseling Services, in the Division of Student Affairs. Dr. Lee received her MD from the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and did her Adolescent Medicine fellowship at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital and the MetroHealth System in Cleveland, OH, prior to her position with University Health and Counseling Services. As current Executive Director, Dr. Lee oversees services pertaining to mental health counseling, clinics for injuries and illnesses, an allergy clinic, sexual health care along with various wellness programs for students.

Frank Demes


Frank Demes is the Executive Director of CWRU Public Safety. He oversees CWRU's police and security operations, as well as communications (dispatch), emergency management, and facilities security. Frank joined CWRU in November 2015. As a 26-year veteran of the George Washington University Police Department, Frank comes from a department that includes more then 100 police and security officers who serve a university community including more than 25,000 faculty, staff, and students.

Jeffrey Luk, MD

Dr Jeffrey Luk, MD headshot

Medical Director

Dr. Luk works as an Emergency Physician in the Emergency Department at University Hospitals and is the medical director for University Hospitals MedEvac, the University Hospitals of Cleveland Critical Care Transport Team, Cleveland Heights Fire/EMS Department, University Heights Fire/EMS Department, Shaker Heights Fire/EMS Department, and CaseEMS.