CPR Classes

ha ha ha ha Stayin' Alive

This class is a requirement for all healthcare professionals (EMTs, medics, doctors, nurses, etc.). This class covers basic life support for cardiac arrest and airway emergencies. This class teaches topics such as what to do in a cardiac arrest for any a person (infant, child, and adult), how to use an AED, how to perform rescue breathing, and how to relieve choking, etc. Class usually lasts about 3.5 hours. A written test is mandatory to receive the certificate.


Similar to BLS for Healthcare Providers, although this class was implemented by the AHA for a more layperson audience. Class usually lasts about 3 hours. The base class teaches treating adult patients. Additional teaching of the course material for pediatric and infant patients is $5 extra. Written test is available upon request.


Class Price

BLS for Healthcare Providers


BLS for Healthcare Providers (Recert.)


Heartsaver CPR AED (adult only)


Heartsaver CPR AED (incl. pediatric/infant)


Heartsaver First Aid


Heartsaver CPR AED + First Aid (only taught for groups 10 or larger)


To request a class or inquire about group pricing, please email cwruems-exops@case.edu, and include your availabilities or interested dates. We will try to accommodate as best we can.


Both classes come with a certification through the American Heart Association. However, we recommend the BLS for Healthcare Providers class, since this class is a requirement for all healthcare professionals. The certification obtained in this class is considered the “gold standard."