Membership FAQ

The minimum requirement to join CWRU EMS is a general interest in emergency medicine. We hold general body meetings that are open to all members of CWRU EMS regardless if they are assigned a shift.

To serve on shift, you must either be enrolled in our EMT course or hold an EMT license either in Ohio or out of state.

Each EMS shift is staffed with three personnel: The Crew Chief is the highest ranking officer and is responsible for making medical decisions, training their shift crew, and ensuring that quality care is provided to our patients. As the team leader, the Crew Chief divides and assigns the roles and responsibilities to the other members of the shift and oversees all other operations. The Crew Chief position is given only to EMTs certified in the state of Ohio and who have served on shift for at least a year. The Second Officer is an EMT crewmember who provides medical treatment and assessments, as well as aiding the Crew Chief in providing quality medical care to the patient. The Probationary Officer is at least a CPR-certified crewmember who assists both the Crew Chief and the Second Officer in patient care and operations.

Beyond the continuing education sessions of CWRU EMS general body meetings, CWRU EMS has a working relationship with University Hospitals EMS Institute who teach an on-site EMT class. CWRU EMS additionally offers AHA approved courses and has a set of active instructors in the organization.

General body meetings are important for dispensing information to the whole of CWRU EMS and generally last about an hour. The first part of the meeting is administrative and involves the sharing of information pertinent for the operation of CWRU EMS. The second part of the meeting is training pertinent for the operation of CWRU EMS, such as review of specific types of conditions or run reviews. These training sessions may be logged as continuing education credits. Everyone is invited to partake in the training regardless of certification level.

CWRU EMS has three main opportunities regarding leadership. Firstly, CWRU EMS utilizes committees to complete major tasks every semester such as the training committee and MCI Drill committee. Secondly, CWRU EMS operates with an executive board elected every semester made up of many positions. Some positions require students to have EMT certification, such as the Chief; however there are many positions available to non-certified students such as Treasurer or Secretary. Finally, each crew is led by a Crew Chief who is responsible for his or her crew's training and patient care.

Please contact for more information about how to join or come to our meetings every Thursday at 6 PM in Thwing.