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Membership FAQ

CWRU EMS is a student-run organization that provides emergency medical assistance to the students, faculty, staff, and guests of the Case Western Reserve University community. The most fundamental mission of CWRU EMS is to provide a high standard of free emergency care and transport by reporting to on-campus medical emergencies. Furthermore, CWRU EMS strives to serve the CWRU community by facilitating and providing educational opportunities for the student body, by offering stand-by services for major university events, and by encouraging members to participate in public health-related volunteer and community service work within the greater Cleveland area. The overarching mission of CWRU EMS is to attend to the emergent medical needs of the Case Western Reserve community while continuing to foster general interest and education in public health and safety.  

The minimum requirement to join CWRU EMS is a general interest in emergency medicine. We hold general body meetings that are open to all members of CWRU EMS regardless if they are assigned a shift.

The minimum requirement to serve as an officer on a CWRU EMS shift is the completion of the American Heart Association’s Basic Life Support course for the Health Care Provider. If you do not currently have this certification, CWRU EMS has trained instructors and hold courses throughout the semester.

Each EMS shift is staffed with three personnel: The Shift Officer is the highest ranking officer and is responsible for making medical decisions, training their shift crew, and ensuring that quality care is provided to our patients. As the team leader, the shift officer divides and assigns the roles and responsibilities to the other members of the shift and oversees all other operations. The Shift Officer position is given only to EMTs certified in the state of Ohio and who have served on shift for at least a semester. The Second Officer is an EMT-Basic crewmember who provides medical treatment and assessments, as well as aiding the shift officer in providing quality medical care to the patient. The Third Officer is at least a CPR-certified crewmember who assists both the shift officer and the second officer in patient care and operations. This position is typically given to those who are new to EMS or are actively seeking Ohio EMT certification.

The minimum requirement to serve as an officer on a CWRU EMS shift is the completion of the American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers (CPR and AED) Program. If you do not currently hold this certification, CWRU EMS has trained instructors and frequently holds courses throughout the semester. In addition, in order to serve as a second officer or shift officer, a current EMT-Basic certification from the state of Ohio is required. CWRU EMS holds a certification course once a semester, which lasts for several months. For more information, please contact our Education Director.  

Beyond the continuing education sessions of CWRU EMS general body meetings, CWRU EMS has a working relationship with Cuyahoga Community College EMS academy who teach an on-site EMT class. CWRU EMS offers AHA approved courses and has a set of active instructors in the organization.

General body meetings are important for dispensing information to the whole of CWRU EMS and generally last about an hour. The first part of the meeting is administrative and involves the sharing of information pertinent for the operation of CWRU EMS. The second part of the meeting is training pertinent for the operation of CWRU EMS, such as review of specific types of conditions or run reviews. These training sessions may be logged as continuing education credits. Everyone is invited to partake in the training regardless of certification level.

CWRU EMS has many three main opportunities regarding leadership. Firstly, CWRU EMS utilizes committees to complete major tasks every semester such as the training committee and MCI Drill committee. Secondly, CWRU EMS operates with an executive board elected every semester made up of many positions. Some positions require students to have EMT-B certification, such as the Chief; however there are many positions available to non-certified students such as Treasurer or Secretary. Finally, each crew is led by a shift officer who is responsible for his or her crew's training and patient care.  

CWRU EMS is based in the Carraige House, the building near Denny's.  

To get involved with CWRU EMS you may attend any general body meeting and approach an officer or fill out the form on this website. 

Applications are accepted before each semester starts and can be submitted online. Please have legible copies of your certifications ready to be included in the application. Applications are currently: CLOSED. If you have any further questions regarding CWRU EMS or applying to serve on shift, including any concerns regarding certification, please contact the membership director. Everyone is also welcome to attend our General Body Meetings held throughout the semester. 



Hours of Operation
8:00pm to 8:00am Sunday-Thursday
24 hour Friday and Saturday

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