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Paul Halliday

Paul Halliday


The Chief is responsible for the day-to-day operations of CWRU EMS, acts as duty officer during operational hours, and oversees all officers.

Paul Halliday, class of 2019, is studying Nutritional Biochemistry and Sports Medicine. He holds an EMT-B certification from Illinois and plans to become a physician with a focus on nutrition.

Aditi Gore

Aditi Gore

Assistant Chief of Operations

The Assistant Chief of Operations (ACO) is primarily responsible for overseeing all shifts and personnel. The ACO performs all shift scheduling and membership maintenance. The ACO oversees the External Operations Director, Training Director, Quality Assurance Officer, and Equipment Manager.

Aditi Gore, class of 2018, is a Polymer Science and Engineering student pursuing a minor in Biomedical Engineering. She holds an EMT-B certification and serves as a second officer with CWRU EMS. She thoroughly enjoys sleeping, painting and meeting new members of CWRU EMS. After graduation, Aditi hopes to pursue a career in pediatric surgery.

Kelsey Garrett

Kelsey Garrett

Assistant Chief of Strategic Planning

The Assistant Chief of Strategic Planning (ACSP) oversees of the planning section of the organization. The planning section is responsible for ensuring the future growth of the organization through long term planning, the provision of large capital purchases, recruitment, and much more. This section consist of the Treasurer, Secretary, PR Chair, and Webmaster

Kelsey, class of 2018, is a third-year nursing student. When not on shift or in clinicals, she likes long walks to Starbucks, starting IV on strangers, and Facetiming with her dog and siblings. After graduation, Kelsey hopes to become a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, and provide both medical and psychological support to victims of sexual assault.

Ethan Feingold

External Operations

The External Operations Director is responsible for coordinating crews for all events and activities for CWRU EMS.

Eleanor Wilson

Training Director

The Training Director is responsible for maintaining training records and overseeing all training classes for CWRU EMS.

Jacob Miller

Jacob Miller

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance and Service Improvement Director is responsible for maintaining procedural and certification standard for CWRU EMS crew members and operations.

Jacob Miller is a post-Masters student concentrating in advanced practice flight nursing, with a special practicum focus on aeromedical and EMS quality and safety. Jacob has practiced as an emergency department and flight nurse in upstate New York, and is currently a Flight Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Cleveland Clinic. In his plethora of spare time, Jake loves baking and playing with cats.

Colin Budka

Equipment Manager

The Equipment Manager is responsible for the maintenance and certification of all CWRU EMS equipment as well as purchasing new supplies and equipment for the organization.

Clare Beidelman


The Treasurer is responsible for approving all purchases and disbursements as well as maintaining our budget.

Alena Sorensen

Public Relations

The PR Chair is responsible for promoting CWRU EMS sponsored events and making sure the community is informed about the organization and its duties.

Jennifer Nielsen


The Webmaster is in charge of regularly updating and modernizing the website and general upkeep of the CWRU EMS database.

James Sobieski


The Recording Secretary is responsible for taking notes at meetings as well as any official correspondence with outside agencies.

Jason Goodrick

Jason Goodrick


Jason Goodrick is CWRU's Director of Emergency Management. Mr. Goodrick closely advises CWRU EMS as well as managing the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Dr Jeffrey Luk, MD

Dr Jeffrey Luk, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Luk works as an Emergency Physician in the Emergency Department at University Hospitals and is the medical director for University Hospitals MedEvac, the University Hospitals of Cleveland Critical Care Transport Team, Cleveland Heights Fire/EMS Department, University Heights Fire/EMS Department, Shaker Heights Fire/EMS Department, and CaseEMS.