Jesse Ruffin

Headshot of Jesse Ruffin

Jesse Ruffin is an alumnus of The Cleveland Institute of Art. He graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree in Architectural and Interior Concept Design.

He and his wife of two years also have a new son. His goal in life is to continue to love and support his family unconditionally, and teach his son to love and fear the Lord.

Jesse has been working with the National Youth Sports Program for several years, serving as an art teacher and mentor. He decided to work with NYSP because he believes that God has given him "a heart for children." He also believes that this program is a great avenue to reach out to the youth.

Jesse came to work with the NYSP this year because he realizes that children need guidance, direction, and support. He believes he has a role and responsibility in aiding these children on their path in life. Most importantly, Jesse is a follower of Jesus Christ and believes that through his relationship with Him, it translates into everything that he does, who he is, and what he needs to be for today's youth.