Obtain Liquor Permits

Ohio Liquor Laws and Rules

CWRU follows the rules and regulations of the State of Ohio, Division of Liquor Control.

Alcohol at University Events

The University values and encourages an alcohol-free environment, but recognizes that alcoholic beverages may be available at some campus activities. Such activities are consistent with the University's cultural values when they foster moderation and safety in alcohol consumption.

Underage drinking and excessive consumption are unacceptable and will not be condoned nor tolerated.

It is imperative that appropriate permission is obtained prior to an event.

The Office of Student Affairs has detailed information about students and alcohol available on their website.

If you have any questions about serving alcohol at your next event, please contact Mary Luberger at 216-368-1666 (Email: mkl14@case.edu)

Do not overlook this important component if you are even considering serving alcohol at your event!

If you have any questions about obtaining a liquor permit, call our office at 216.368.4286. Download the New Alcohol Flowchart.