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Areas of Practice

The Office of General Counsel handles a broad range of legal issues solely for matters related to the university. Below is a partial list with the primary attorney(s) noted. The office handles many other areas as well. For questions or information call the office at 216.368.4286 or email generalcounsel@case.edu.  If your matter involves review of a contract, you can submit your contract to ogccontracts@case.edu

Department: Name:
Athletics Peter Poulos
Bankruptcy–Collections Peter Poulos / David Rosenfeldt
Benefits Michelle Arendt
Bonds Arlishea Fulton
Compliance Michele Krantz
Corporate Law Arlishea Fulton
Development Michele Krantz
Disabilities Gabrielle Lincoff / David Rosenfeldt
Endowment Michele Krantz
Estate/Trust Michele Krantz
Faculty Michelle Arendt / Gabrielle Lincoff / David Rosenfeldt
Governance Michelle Arendt
HIPAA Michelle Arendt / Michele Krantz
HR/Employee Relations Michelle Arendt / Gabrielle Lincoff
Immigration Michelle Arendt / Gabrielle Lincoff 
Intellectual Property Peter Poulos / Michele Krantz / Lex Ehrenschwender
Internationalization Michele Krantz
Investment Arlishea Fulton
Litigation Peter Poulos
Medical/Health Law Issues Michele Krantz
Property/Real Estate Arlishea Fulton
Research, Animal Michele Krantz
Research, Human Subject Michele Krantz
Record Requests and Subpoenas See Record Requests 
Student Matters (FERPA) Peter Poulos / Gabrielle Lincoff 
Tax Arlishea Fulton
Technology Transfer Michele Krantz
Unemployment Michelle Arendt
Workers Compensation Michelle Arendt