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Bringing family? Choosing whether to bring your family along to the United States is an important decision with many associated factors and steps to consider. Visit our Bringing Family page for more information.

Finding a Home—Away from Home

One of the biggest questions any student has when preparing to arrive on campus is: Where will I live?

Whether a first-year undergraduate student or a fifth-year professional student, we have a number of resources available in order to ensure you can find the place that’s right for you.

Undergraduate Student Living

CWRU has a two-year residency requirement for undergraduate students; unless you live at home within 40 miles of campus, you must live on campus for your first two years at CWRU.

Residence Life and Services staff is dedicated to creating communities within the residential colleges and complexes (housing for first- and second-year or upperclass students, respectively) that provide students with meaningful experiences to promote both academic success and personal growth. While you are here at CWRU pursuing your academic goals, you undoubtedly will spend a significant amount of time outside of the classroom learning about yourself—what you want to do and who you want to be—which is an invaluable aspect of your undergraduate experience.

For more information on undergraduate student life at Case Western Reserve, visit:

Graduate Student Living

On-campus housing is not available to the graduate student population; however, CWRU does own various properties located around campus that meet the needs of graduate students.

For more information about CWRU-owned properties and living arrangements, visit:

The Office of Residence Life and Services also hosts the Off-Campus Housing Listing Service, which contains apartment and housing listings in the community that are located within a short distance from campus.

International Student Services recommends that you plan to arrive two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester because you must make your own arrangements for off-campus housing upon arrival.

Family Housing

Family housing is not available on campus, which many students find challenging. Not knowing the area, students can have difficulty deciding where to live with their families or knowing where not to live.

For students with families, we recommend your family arrive after you have had time to locate suitable housing for them. Arranging temporary accommodations for your family while you are looking for housing can be very difficult and expensive.

The cost is also a fact that contributes to decisions about your living situation. Having your spouse or family with you will eliminate the option of sharing the cost of your rent and utilities with another student due to the need for family privacy. You also will require a larger apartment, which will also mean a higher rent each month. Find out more about bringing your family to Cleveland.

Then there’s the decision about choosing an apartment that’s either “furnished” or “unfurnished.” These terms can apply to both furniture and utilities (electric, natural gas, hot water, telephone, television cable, etc.)

An apartment that is "furnished" with furniture and/or utilities is more expensive because of the convenience it provides. Unfurnished apartments will require you to provide all your furniture and utility installation fees, as well as pay the monthly cost for those utilities. These costs vary depending on the size of the apartment or house you rent and the number of people using the utilities.