International Travel

A group of CWRU students studying abroad in Zimbabwe

Case Western Reserve University is a global university where faculty, staff, and students frequently travel internationally. The university supports international travel and endeavors to help all travelers plan responsibly and to stay safe. 

Case Western Reserve implemented a new travel registration policy and process for all faculty, staff and students beginning in January 2021.

The full policy and information about specific aspects including travel resources available to those traveling internationally can be found below.

Case Western Reserve University's international travel registration process requires faculty, staff and students to register their university-related travel abroad with the Center for International Affairs in order to receive several benefits, including:

  • Security in knowing that Case Western Reserve is prepared to assist the traveler in the event of an emergency during travel
  • Information about and registration for Case Western Reserve’s Foreign Travel Policy that covers every university traveler while they are abroad on university business
  • Export control regulation support to protect international travelers and their research/data while traveling
  • Connections, if desired, to Case Western Reserve employees who may be experts in the area or who may have significant collaborations with universities or industry in the country of travel
  • Connections, if desired, to Case Western Reserve alumni in the country of travel
  • Possible funding to support international travel in the form of site visit grants to study abroad locations
Risk Management Policy

To minimize risk, the university has developed an International Travel Risk Management Policy which outlines appropriate risk management precautions and responses those traveling internationally on behalf of Case Western Reserve should take.

Faculty and Staff Travel Registry

Case Western Reserve faculty, staff, alumni, and affiliates traveling internationally on behalf of the university are required to register their travel. This registration process allows travelers to receive several benefits related to safety, helpful connections and possible funding.

Know Before You Go

Case Western Reserve offers many resources to support its faculty, staff and students traveling internationally on behalf of the university. These resources include assistance with logistics, emergency insurance, and information to help travel go smoothly. 

Students Traveling Abroad

Whether Case Western Reserve students are traveling on a traditional study abroad program, participating in a co-op or internship abroad, conducting research in another country, or traveling abroad for any other academic purpose, our Office of Education Abroad is here to help.