About Us

The vision for the Interschool Quantitative Biosciences Program (IQBP) is part of a broader effort to bring together quantitative bioscientists from across Case Western Reserve University to collaborate in research, education, and the building of a more diverse STEM academy.  

Cross-disciplinary collaborations are increasingly central to modern science, and are expected elements of training at leading research institutions; a credential is an important incentive for student participation in such collaborations, and for faculty support for that student participation.

The IQBP provides interdisciplinary training of graduate students in quantitative aspects of biological sciences through required coursework and research seminars based in multiple schools and departments.

Required activities provide professional education while promoting cross disciplinary interactions among students, and engagement with faculty and research staff across the participating departments. Students engage in outreach in the local community, working to increase educational opportunities for underserved communities.

Drawn from the offerings of 18 participating departments in three participating schools (Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, the College of Arts and Sciences, and Case School of Engineering), this program aims to break through barriers among administrative units to train the PhD scientist of today to communicate interprofessionally, and acquire knowledge outside their primary discipline.