Eye Donations

Cleveland Clinic Cole Eye Institute for Inherited Retinal Degenerative Diseases

Program Overview

Cole Eye researches are focused on understanding the underlying genetic basis for macular degeneration and various other eye diseases in the hopes of aiding in the provision of new treatment options, and progress towards a cure. 


Anyone affected with an inherited degenerative disease is able to participate, degree of vision loss does not matter. Examples of inherited retinal degenerative diseases include: retinitis pigmentosa, retinoschisis, choroideremia, etc. 

If interested in donating or for all other inquires, contact the Cole Eye Institute:

Vera L. Bonilha, PhD
Direction Eye Tissue Biobank, Cole Eye Institute
Office: 216-445-7690


Cleveland Eye Bank

Program Overview

  • The Cleveland Eye Bank Foundation collaborates with others to change lives in Northeast Ohio and beyond through the restoration and preservation of sight. 
  • Works closely with Eversight for donations


  • People of all ages should consider themselves potential eye, organ and tissue donors
  • Your medical condition at the time of death will determine what can be donated
  • If corneal tissue is not transplantable due to age or medical condition, the donation can, with authorization, be considered a gift for education and research involving glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and other sight disorders