Faculty dedicated to student success

A Community of Individuals

The MS in Applied Anatomy Program builds the foundation needed to prepare our students for their bright futures. We welcome an average class of 20 students each year. As a collective, the current students held an average undergraduate GPA of 3.48 and earned an average MCAT score of 500. The average age of the cohort is 24 years old. They work alongside Case Western Reserve University medical school students as well as students in other masters programs to get a more collaborative classroom environment. 

Class Profile

Background by Academic Field:
Natural Sciences and Math 46%
Biology-Related 19%
Health Sciences 19%
Social Sciences 7%
Humanities 7%
Engineering 2%
Gender Breakdown:
Female 54%
Male 46%
Where are they from?
Applicants for our program come from more than 30 states and nearly 40 countries.
Underrepresented Minority Students:
African American 16%
Hispanic American 7%
Native American 1%