Human Biology and Variation

Four doctors pose together in an operating room wearing scrubs and masks.

During his career, Dr. Andrew Crofton has research collaborations with a diverse array of clinical specialists and researchers, including a neurosurgeon, urologist, nuclear engineer, immunologist and polymer chemist. These collaborations are united by anatomy, but span multiple fields including medical education, immunology, neurosciences, material sciences, biomedical engineering, gene therapy, and drug delivery. Some of his current projects include: 

  1. Characterizing clinically-relevant anatomical variants, especially of cerebrovasculature and peripheral nerves 
  2. Developing perfused/dynamic cadaver models for clinical training and Research & Development
  3. Developing novel clinical uses of chitosan and other biopolymers, including:
    1. Implantable hemostatic agents 
    2. Immunotherapies
    3. Nose-to-brain delivery vectors for therapeutic payloads 
  4. Developing novel treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and cerebral amyloid angiopathy 
  5. Developing tissue- and cell-specific gene and anti-complement therapies
  6. Characterizing fascicle organization in peripheral nerves