Meghan M. Newcomer, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Anatomy
School of Medicine


Flannery, M.M., Dorayappan, K.D.P., Calo, C.A., Kalmar, E.L., Tweedle, M.F., Suarez, A.A., Cohn, D.E. and Karuppaiyah, S. (2020), Development of a Targeted Ultrasound Microbubble for Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer. Experimental Biology Annual Meeting, April 4-7, 2020. San Diego, CA (*Conference Canceled). The FASEB Journal, 34:1-1.  

Flannery, M.M., Durham, E.L., Dorayappan, K.D.P., Kalmar, E.L., Lightfoot, M.D.S., Tweedle, M.F., Selvendiran, K. Identification of Tissue Factor as a Potential Biomarker for Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer, American Association of Clinical Anatomists Annual Meeting, June 11-15, 2019. Tulsa, OK. Clinical Anatomy 33(2): E72.  

Dorayappan KDP, Gardner ML, Hisey CL, Zingarelli RA, Smith BQ, Lightfoot MDS, Gogna R, Flannery MM, Hays J, Hansford DJ, Freitas MA, Yu L, Cohn DE, Selvendiran K. A Microfluidic Chip Enables Isolation of Exosomes and Establishment of Their Protein Profiles and Associated Signaling Pathways in Ovarian Cancer, Cancer Research; May 16th 2019.  PMID:31097475

Melissa M. Quinn, PhD and Meghan M. Flannery, MS; Atlas of Human Anatomy; Bluedoor Publishing; 2019


Doctor of Philosophy
The Ohio State University
Master of Science
The Ohio State University
Bachelor of Science
Life Science/Pre-Professional Health
Otterbein University