Meghan M. Newcomer, PhD

Department of Anatomy
School of Medicine


Flannery, M.M., Dorayappan, K.D.P., Calo, C.A., Kalmar, E.L., Tweedle, M.F., Suarez, A.A., Cohn, D.E. and Karuppaiyah, S. (2020), Development of a Targeted Ultrasound Microbubble for Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer. Experimental Biology Annual Meeting, April 4-7, 2020. San Diego, CA (*Conference Canceled). The FASEB Journal, 34:1-1.  

Flannery, M.M., Durham, E.L., Dorayappan, K.D.P., Kalmar, E.L., Lightfoot, M.D.S., Tweedle, M.F., Selvendiran, K. Identification of Tissue Factor as a Potential Biomarker for Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer, American Association of Clinical Anatomists Annual Meeting, June 11-15, 2019. Tulsa, OK. Clinical Anatomy 33(2): E72.  

Dorayappan KDP, Gardner ML, Hisey CL, Zingarelli RA, Smith BQ, Lightfoot MDS, Gogna R, Flannery MM, Hays J, Hansford DJ, Freitas MA, Yu L, Cohn DE, Selvendiran K. A Microfluidic Chip Enables Isolation of Exosomes and Establishment of Their Protein Profiles and Associated Signaling Pathways in Ovarian Cancer, Cancer Research; May 16th 2019.  PMID:31097475

Melissa M. Quinn, PhD and Meghan M. Flannery, MS; Atlas of Human Anatomy; Bluedoor Publishing; 2019


Doctor of Philosophy
The Ohio State University
Master of Science
The Ohio State University
Bachelor of Science
Life Science/Pre-Professional Health
Otterbein University