Conversations with Founder Dr. Graber

Dr. Thomas W. Graber

In Loving Memory of our founder, Dr. Thomas Graber

We were deeply saddened and at the loss of our founder earlier this year, Dr. Tom Graber. We feel his loss each day.  We cherish his legacy and continue the mission of CAML with a deeper commitment and stronger resolve pouring our grief into making it better as Dr. Tom would have wanted it.

Dr. Tom Graber was a graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. His passion for teaching and learning was the inspiration and the drive to begin CAML. His dedication and commitment to improving teaching and helping learners master the concepts taught during medical school provided the motivation to have these conversations and to learn his views. Conversations were enlightening and inspirational. See what he has to say on CAML, on learning and on learning communities by selecting a topic on this page.

Dr. Tom mentioned that he'd like to hear some poems about CAML.  He added, they should be silly, not serious. So, here's one. 

   CAMEL with an E is a beast....
   What’s CAML without an E, I asked my priest. 
   He said CAML, ahh CAML is at CWRU
   It makes better teachers and learners of you.

   CAML’s founder and inspiration is Tom Graber
   When discussions began he was at the table.
   We persisted and continued until CAML was founded.
   The work that it accomplished has astounded!!!

   So we send to Dr. Tom our love and greetings.
   We think of him during and between meetings.
   Our love and affection go to him and his family.
   We send our gratitude and appreciation humbly.

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