Data Registry

Data Registry at the School of Medicine

The CWRU School of Medicine (SOM) has established a Data Registry approved as exempt by CWRU Institutional Review Board (IRB) titled “Longitudinal Evaluation of CWRU School of Medicine’s Curriculum.”    All data included in this registry are de-identified when used for educational research purposes.

The data in the registry are part of a Data Warehouse (DW) that enable faculty, staff, and students to:

  1. Determine the extent to which the CWRU SOM fulfills its educational mission and reaches its goals.
  2. Identify areas of curricular success and those requiring improvement.
  3. Contribute broader understanding of teaching and learning in medicine.
  4. Examine curriculum delivery in order to maintain quality standards and to ensure compliance with accreditation/licensure requirements.
  5. Enhance understanding the effectiveness of teaching and methods that support learning.
  6. Disseminate findings and lessons learned from CWRU SOM program evaluation activities to other medical education professionals through presentations and publications.

The data registry consists of: 

  1. De-identified, longitudinal database of learning, performance, quality assurance, and practice assessments of CWRU SOM students;
  2. Student outcomes data and curriculum data 

To learn more about the data registry and how it can work for you, Click here: Data Registry Description (PDF).

To request use of the data for research purposes, Click here: University Program Data Registry.