Breakout 3: Diversity and Disparity 2

TITLE: Braving Bias: Assessing Medical Student Preparedness to Address Microaggressions During Clerkships
Authors: Amelia Clark, MS; Lianne Mulvihill, MS; Ellen K Kendall, MS; J. Gabriel Lopez-Rivera, MS
Lead Presenter: Ellen Kendall

TITLE: Exploring the Leaky Pediatrics Pipeline: An Evaluation of Mentorship in URM Medical Students by Pediatric Faculty
Authors: Carolina Lemos, MS2; Nikki Ducich, MS2; Jill Azok, MD
Lead Presenter: Carolina Lemos, MS2

TITLE: Partnerships to Promote Health Equity for Patients and Diversity & Inclusion in the Workforce: Our Experience as Graduate Medical Education Faculty Physicians
Authors: Arnaldo Zayas-Santiago, MD; Blanca Gonzalez, MD
Lead Presenter: Arnaldo Zayas-Santiago, MD

TITLE: Strategies to Cultivate and Sustain Mentoring Relationships Between Students Who are Underrepresented in Medicine (URiM) and Physicians
Authors: Mina Huerta; Karrington Seals 
Lead Presenter: Mina Huerta

TITLE: The Post-baccalaureate Research Education Program (CasePREP)
Authors: Joseph T. Williams, Dana Crawford, PhD, Diana Ramirez, PhD, Paul MacDonald, PhD
Lead Presenter: Joseph T. Williams

TITLE: Values Clarification as a Reflective Practice for First-Year Medical Students
Authors: Madeline McKenna, MS; Lloyd Chen, MS; Adrija Chaturvedi, MS; Mitchell Thom, MS; Garrett Weskamp, MS2
Lead Presenter: Madeline McKenna, MS