Breakout 5: Technology, Simulation, and Virtual Education

TITLE: Comparative Analysis of 3D Printed Materials for Cortical Mastoidectomy Simulation and Validation of 3D Temporal Bone Anatomy Library
Authors: De’Andre Warren, MD; Sarah Mowry, MD
Lead Presenter: De’Andre Warren, MD

TITLE: Evaluation of a Novel Online Research and Scholarship Curriculum
Authors: Mina Milad, MS2; Colleen Croniger, PhD
Lead Presenters: Mina Milad, MS2

TITLE: Exercises in Critical Appraisal: A Novel Approach to Critical Appraisal Education and Remote Learning in Medical School
Author: Wafa Nabi, M4
Lead Presenter: Wafa Nabi, M4

TITLE: Humanizing Task Trainers
Author: Mary Franklin, DNP, RN, CNM
Lead Presenter: Mary Franklin, DNP, RN, CNM

TITLE: Teaching Pediatric Physical Diagnosis in a Virtual Setting
Author: Matthew Z Dawson, MD
Lead Presenter: Matthew Z Dawson, MD

TITLE: The Cleveland-Cusco Connection: Establishing an International Virtual Global Health Partnership
Author: Nora Lenhard, MS1
Lead Presenter: Nora Lenhard, MS1