Breakout 1- Curriculum Development

TITLE: A Multidisciplinary Pediatric Trauma Boot Camp
Author: Ann Mary Bacevice, MD
Lead Presenter: Ann Mary Bacevice, MD

TITLE: A Pre-Clinical Elective for Student-Led Curriculum Development and Inclusion
Authors: Maria Claudia Moncaliano, M2; Monica Chavan, M2; J. Gabriel Lopez Rivera, M2; Amelia Clarke, M2; Amy Wilson-Delfosse, PhD
Lead Presenter: Maria Claudia Moncaliano, MS2

TITLE: Additional Code Blue Training for Green Staff
Authors: Erin Barry, RN; Aubree Sherbourne, RN; Amanda Kalivoda, RN; Justin Williams, RN; Andrew Loudon, MD
Lead Presenter: Amanda Kalivoda-Kreinbrink RN, BSN, CCRN

TITLE: Curriculum to Support Smarter Use of Observation Data
Author: Jenny Gong, MS
Lead Presenter: Jenny Gong, MS 

TITLE: CWRU School of Medicine Opioid Epidemic Elective – Our Experiences and Student Perceptions of Harm Reduction
Authors: Eleanor Keller, MS3; Jilan Shimberg, MS3
Lead Presenter: Eleanor Keller, MS3

TITLE: Developing Physician Advocates: A Longitudinal Advocacy Curriculum for Preclinical Medical Students
Authors: Rachel Cole; Lloyd Chen; Kainoa McCauley; Neha Sharma; Elizabeth Chen; Jacob Gardner; Kristie Sun; Rachel Waitzman; Christina Wang; Vanessa Maier, MD
Lead Presenter: Rachel Cole

TITLE: Interprofessional Narrative Practice: A Novel Method of Interprofessional Education for First-Year Health Professional Students
Authors: Kevin Zhai, BA; Eleanor Davidson, MD, MA; Susan Stagno, MD 
Lead Presenter: Kevin Zhai, BA

TITLE: Learning to Partner: Medical Facilitation as an Education Tool
Authors: Hira Qureshi, BA; Oliver Schirokauer, PhD, MD
Lead Presenter: Hira Qureshi, BA; Oliver Schirokauer, PhD, MD

TITLE: Meaning in Medicine: A Narrative-Based, Longitudinal Course for Fourth Year Medical Students Aimed at Preventing Burnout and Finding Meaning in Medicine
Authors: Stephanie Harlow, MD; Rachael Libertin, MD; Marisa Miller, MD; Rachel Welch, MD; Jill Azok, MD; Jessica Goldstein, MD; Sarah Ronis, MD
Lead Presenter: Stephanie Harlow, MD