Program Representative Resource Guide

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This page serves to outline the resources associated with academic program management. 
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Table of Contents

Departmental Websites

University Resources

SOM Communications and Resources


Digital Advertisements

Departmental Websites

Each academic department is responsible for managing the content of their respective departmental website. Program representatives  can have editing access to update as needed. Please reference this document for a comprehensive list of who has editing permissions.

Note: if you’re seeking to remove/add editors, email and

Getting Started

Before access to edit your department/program website is granted, you will need to complete Drupal training. Drupal is the Web Content Management system used to operate all CWRU webpages. If you are not Drupal trained please register for an upcoming training session utilizing the link below.

Gain access to Drupal- register for required training
Once trained in Drupal, UMC offers frequent drop-in sessions should you need a refresher or have a question. Additional helpful resources related to web page management and Drupal are outlined below.

Web Writing

Your webpage content should be written in a way that is conducive to those who scan for key information.

Review web writing best practices


Web accessibility is the practice of creating web content that is usable for individuals of all levels of ability. As a federally-funded institution, CWRU webpages must abide by accessibility standards. 

Review web accessibility requirements


Biographies are used to capture information on CWRU faculty, staff, and other key players within departments. However, biography pages are created and edited differently than standard webpages.

Review biography page guidelines

Editorial Style Guide

All CWRU web pages should read in the same voice to viewers. To aid in this effort, UMC has put together an Editorial Style Guide.

The CWRU Editorial Style Guide


University Resources

University Marketing and Communications has a wealth of resources available to the campus community.


University Marketing and Communications established a database containing various resources available to the campus community. Visit Case Western Reserve University Brand Connect and be sure to log in on the top right hand of the webpage. 


For as-needed flyers or posters related to your program, please utilize the UMC provided templates. These can be modified to your liking but serve as a great starting point! 

View UMC Flyer Templates


If you are needing to create a slide deck for a webinar or another form of presentation, please utilize the branded slide templates from UMC. These can be used as is or modified to fit your needs. 

View CWRU Branded PowerPoint Templates 

Merchandise Ordering

Merchandise orders must be approved by UMC. UMC does reserve the right to decline the ordering of any merchandise that does not fit within the University branding guidelines.

Review merchandise guidelines

Brand Guidelines 

To ensure any collateral, merchandise, or social media posts are compliant with the official University branding standards, please download and review the CWRU Brand Guidelines 

Social Media

Many of our programs utilize social media as a means to reach additional audiences with information regarding the program, upcoming events, etc.. If you would like to request a new social media account, please complete this form. UMC will then assist you in launching the new social media profile. Social media accounts used by our programs include: Facebook/Instagram (Meta), X (formerly Twitter), and LinkedIn.

The university has outlined guidelines and best practices for social media, both for program and personal use. Please take the time to review the guidelines, especially in regards to program and departmental accounts. 

UMC Project Request Forms

UMC offers their assistance for a variety of tasks that you or your team may need to complete in order to best support your program(s). 

Main Project Request Form

Utilize this form to explore all project options available through UMC. 

Alumni/Donor/External Email Request Form (Marketing Cloud)
This template is to be used when sending what is referred to as a “Marketing Cloud email”.  An important step when sending this form of email is that you must provide contact information for those you wish to reach, in addition to the email copy, when submitting to UMC.

Marketing Cloud Email Template

Instructions for completing a Marketing Cloud email


The Daily

An easy, free, and effective way to communicate information about events, deadlines, and other important information regarding your program, is through The Daily.

Submit to The Daily Request Form

FYI and Thrive

FYI is a weekly newsletter sent to first-year undergraduate students. Thrive newsletter is sent weekly to second, third, and fourth year undergraduate CWRU students.

Submit to FYI and Thrive 


Media Relations

If you receive a call from a reporter, see camera crews on campus or have a university-related news story to publicize, the media relations team is the place to start. Media Relations has laid out carefully crafted guidelines and best practices to assist and protect you and the university as a whole, when dealing with the media. 

Review the Media Relations Guidelines 

On-campus Signage 

Physical Signage

You may want to create signage relevant to your program or department to be displayed around campus– either to advertise or create awareness. In either case, all large-scale posters, banners, and/or flyers must comply with UMC guidelines. If you are creating one of these items, please utilize the UMC Project Request Form to ensure it is approved before sending it to print or distribution.  

Digital Signage

Another option of on-campus signage available at CWRU are the TV screens located throughout campus in the various academic buildings, communal spaces, and residence halls. This form of signage is a fantastic way to promote upcoming events and/or deadlines. To ensure your signage is displayed in the appropriate spaces, utilize the guidelines below. 


To have your digital signage displayed within the University Center, please complete this Google form

School of Medicine 

To have your signage displayed throughout the BRB, Robbins, and Wood buildings, please utilize this form

Other university buildings 

Display of digital signage in the majority of University buildings can be requested by completing this form. This form is accessed via a portal behind CWRU single sign-on and will allow you to select from a drop down menu, where you would like your digital signage to be displayed. The portal will also allow you to view which digital signage you currently have active on screens throughout campus. 

No matter which screen(s) your digital signage will be displayed on, it must be created using the specs 1800 X 860 px. These specifications can be typed in if creating your digital slide using an external resource such as Canva. You may also create your digital signage by utilizing Google Slides or Powerpoint. 
All slides must be saved and submitted as a JPG or PNG file, no bigger than 8MB. PDF files will not be accepted as digital signage submissions. 



Events can be useful as a part of the recruitment process for your program, as well as student engagement throughout the school year. As you begin to think through planning your event, please know that UMC has a wealth of resources that can make the process simpler. Also, if your program works in collaboration with the Enrollment Management Office, know that they can be a helpful resource in planning and executing your event. 

Event promotion resources 

Submit your event to be posted on the SOM website/calendar

Images and Video

There are several ways to obtain recent photos and videos that can be used on print materials, social media, digital slides, and websites. The variety of channels you can obtain these assets from are linked below. 

The UMC CWRU Photo Library - All photos and videos taken by the CWRU Media Relations team

SOM Photo Library - You will need to request access to this Google Drive, if you are a new program liaison 

SOM Video Library - You will need to request access to this spreadsheet if you are a new program liaison


School of Medicine Communications and Resources

Communications and Event Marketing Request Form

If you have an event to promote or news to share, please utilize the above form. Submissions received via this form will be shared on the SOM website, in the newsletter, and/or via digital signage. 

Program Contacts and Available Flyers/Brochures 

If you need to contact another department, please reference the webpage linked above. Also included on the page is a downloadable version of the brochure or one-pager associated with the program.




Slate is the primary customer relationship management (CRM) system, utilized by the university. Within Slate, one can find all interested students (inquiries), in-progress applications, completed and submitted applications, as well as additional important information. 

To assist in the understanding of Slate and all that can be accomplished through the platform, we have created a series of “How-To” videos linked below. 

Navigating program folders to identify prospective students

Editing queries in Slate (without changing originals) 

Communicating with students out of Slate

Finding applications- submitted and ready for review

Slate Events

Zoom Meetings vs. Zoom Webinars

Zoom meetings are used to communicate face to face with individuals or small groups. Typically, these are used for one-on-one meetings with prospective students or for meetings amongst CWRU employees. This is the default for Zoom when you go to schedule a meeting within the portal or add video conferencing to a calendar invite. 

Zoom webinars are used when presenting to a large group of individuals. To schedule webinars, you must first be granted webinar access by the university. To request access, please email Zoom Webinar allows you to choose if attendees can have their camera on, respond using their microphone, or respond only by using the Q/A chat feature. Zoom Webinar is ideal for program specific webinars and large-scale virtual presentations. 

How to create an event in Slate

How to conclude an event in Slate

Anatomy of a Slate event

Other Slate Features

Explore how to use the 'Timeline' feature in Slate

Accessing Slate year-over-year reports

Texting (SMS) out of Slate

Using Slate Gateway

Slate Emails

Slate Email Request Form
This form is to be used when wanting to send an email to prospective students. Students who can be contacted using a Slate email are existing inquiries, in-progress applications, and submitted applicants. A Slate email can also be used to reach name lists such as GRE, MCAT, and National Name Exchange records. Email if you have any questions related to sending emails out of Slate. 
Slate Email Template .

Instructions for completing the Slate Email Template


Digital Advertisements 

Some of our programs utilize purchased ad space online. These ads can appear on the Meta platforms (Facebook/Instagram), Google, or LinkedIn. If you would like to explore the possibility of a digital ad(s), please reach out to

View some of the recent CWRU digital ads