Event Promotion

Tools to help you raise awareness of what's going on at CWRU.

You've lined up speakers, secured the venue and settled on refreshments. But how can you make sure people actually come see your and your team's hard work in action?

The key to success is event promotion—and there are a variety of vehicles in place to help you succeed.

Online resources

First things first, your event needs an online home. Whether this is on your school/department's website or on CampusGroups, your event details—including date, time, location and a description—need to live online.

Once you have your event posted online, you can begin additional promotion. Here's a quick checklist of resources you might want to consider—including links to get started.

But first, please note: With any event promotion, you need to begin well in advance; all of these options may not be available to you if you wait until the last minute.

  • Submit to The Daily (for events taking place on campus and/or sponsored by the university, a school/department/center or an official student organization).
  • Request social media coverage: For schools/departments, if you haven't already done so when creating your event, reach out to your internal communications manager to see if it can be shared on these accounts. Note: All items appearing in The Daily are considered for coverage on the university's main social media accounts, but due to the vast number of announcements, not all will appear.
  • Consider email:
    • Again, if you haven't yet reached out to your internal communications manager, do so to determine if there are internal newsletters or other promotion options that could be considered.
    • If there are relevant alumni audiences who you would like to reach—and have approval from your school/department to contact them—fill out our alumni/donor email request form. (Note: This is not for student organization events.)
    • Unsure if there are other ways to reach the CWRU community? Talk with your internal communications manager to determine next steps and point you in the right direction.

Other possibilities

If you are looking for printed event materials—flyers, programs, invitations, etc.—or other marketing opportunities beyond the campus community, please complete our Project Request Form, entering information into all fields as thoroughly as possible. Even if you're not sure what you need, our client relations team can help guide you in your options.

There also may be media interest in your event, either promoting it in advance or covering it, depending on the topic. Media outreach, including requests to attend events, must only be done through our media relations team; contact the appropriate representative to discuss the potential.

Have a question or need more guidance? We're here to help. Email marcominfo@case.edu for support.