CWRU Neuroscience Major makes Gizmodo's Top 20 list of the best Neuroscience Programs in 2022

The Neuroscience Major at Case Western Reserve University was created in 2020 due to high demand by undergraduate students. This interdisciplinary program is unique in that it is a collaborative major between the Biology department in the College of Arts and Sciences with the Neurosciences department in the School of Medicine. This partnership provides students with courses taught by award-winning educators and experts in basic science and translational research ranging from cellular and molecular biology, computer programming, biological basis of behavior and underlying mechanisms of neurological disorders. Since its inception, 24 students have graduated with a BS in Neuroscience and have gone on to medical school, MD/PhD programs, graduate school, dental school or to take gap years in research before choosing the next step in their career. The program has also generated 8 new courses and new research opportunities for undergraduate students while they complete their capstone ranging from very basic research studying cellular mechanisms of behavior in insects to clinical and translational research from partnerships with University Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic, The VA and other institutions. There are currently 132 declared Neuroscience majors which is projected to grow as 1,575 of the 2022 applicants indicated that their first choice intended major was neuroscience and 3,063 as their first or second.