Neurosciences will welcome Dr. Dhananjay Yellajoshyula in Summer 2022

portrait of Dhananjay Yellajoshyula

Dr. Dhananjay Yellajoshyula will join the faculty in June 2022.

Dr. Yellajoshyula’s research focuses on the transcriptional and cellular mechanisms regulating oligodendrocyte development and ECM homeostasis during development and in disease. Dr. Yellajoshyula did his PhD on chromatin biology in Dr. Brown’s laboratory at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. He did his postdoc on the transcriptional regulation of neural cell fate in the lab of Dr. Kristen Kroll at Washington University St. Louis and on the role of oligodendroglial cells in DYT-THAP1 dystonia in Dr. William Dauer’s lab at the University of Michigan.

Visit the Yellajoshyula Lab Website