R. Todd Pressler, PhD

Research Scientist
Department of Neurosciences
School of Medicine

I am interested in local circuits in the hippocampus, neocortex, and olfactory system. More specifically, I am interested in the types of elementary microcircuits that local inhibitory interneurons make to control principal cell output, and how these elementary circuits are repeated as modules throughout the nervous system.


Selected Publications

Pressler RT, Rozman PA, Strowbridge BW (2013) “Voltage-dependent intrinsic bursting in olfactory bulb Golgi cells”, Learning and Memory 20(9):459-466.

Pressler RT and Regehr WG (2013) “Metabotropic glutamate receptors drive global persistent inhibition in the visual thalamus”, Journal of Neuroscience 33(6):2494-2506.

Antal M, Acuna-Goycolea C, Pressler RT, Blitz DM, Regehr WG. (2010) “Cholinergic activation of M2 receptors leads to context-dependent modulation of feedforward inhibition in the visual thalamus”, PLoS Biology 8(4):e1000348.

Balu R, Pressler RT, Strowbridge BW (2007) “Multiple modes of synaptic excitation of olfactory bulb granule cells”, Journal of Neuroscience 27(21):5621-5632.

Pressler RT, Inoue T, Strowbridge BW (2007), “Muscarinic receptor activation modulates granule cell excitability and potentiates inhibition onto mitral cells in the rat olfactory bulb”, Journal of Neuroscience 27(41): 10969-19081.

Pressler RT and Strowbridge BW (2006), “Blanes cells mediate persistent feedforward inhibition onto granule cells in the olfactory bulb”, Neuron 49(6):889-904.