Prepare students to address community health issues and health disparities in the context of societal and economic systems.

Case Western Reserve University PA students are exposed to a wide variety of clinical experiences as part of the Preclinical course, through their exposure to the Community Service and Experiential Learning Sites.

Students are exposed to pediatric populations at the Early Services Center Library and Team meetings. Pediatric and adolescent health issues are addressed at MetroHealth Outreach program. Stay Well provides training in adult preventive health and Lake County Council on Aging focuses on the geriatric population.

Aggregate number of hours per experimental learning suite chart.

The Physician Assistant program has seen an increase in the number of hours at each experiential learning site from 2018 to 2019, with the Class of 2019 performing approximately 150-210 hours at Early Services Center Library, Early Services Center team meeting, MetroHealth, Stay Well and Lake County Council on Aging. The Class of 2018 performed approximately 50 to 125 hours at the same locations.


Community Service learning provides exposure to socioeconomic and cultural diversity.

Aggregate number of hours per community service learning site.

The Physician Assistant program has many opportunities to learn in different community service projects, such as the Student Run Health Clinic, PreTerm, MedWorks: Homeless Standown, LGBTQI, as well as advocacy and service commitments. As of February 2018, the Class of 2019 already had outperformed the Class of 2018's total service learning hours at all sites except the Student Run Health Clinic.