Tuition and Financial Aid

The School of Medicine (SOM) Office of Financial Aid is committed to providing students access to funds for which they qualify. We encourage all prospective students to begin the financial planning process early, and will work with you and your family to determine a financial plan for your education. Financial aid is limited primarily to student loans and we will assist you in obtaining loans from federal and private sources.

To begin the financial aid application process students must complete the School of Medicine financial aid application and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The SOM Office of Financial Aid website will guide you through the process by providing clear instructions and important deadlines. We also provide links to assist you with budgeting and debt management.

CWRU faculty and staff are working diligently to provide courses for this upcoming semester in modalities that will enable all students to continue to move toward completing their degree and achieving their academic goals.  Regardless of the learning environment for Fall 2020, the tuition and fees will be the same. The tuition and fees are in exchange for learning, academic credit, and certain non-academic services that will be provided whether in person, in a hybrid environment, or entirely remotely, and tuition and fees amounts will remain the same in the event the mode of course delivery changes during the semester.   

The SOM Office of Financial Aid staff is available and happy to assist you. Please contact our office when you have questions or concerns.

Case Western Reserve University
School of Medicine Office of Financial Aid
Room T-303
10900 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44106-4920
Telephone: 216-368-3666
Fax: 216-368-6011

Cost of Attendance Budget
Physician Assistant (PA) Program

1st Year PA
Sum, Fall, Spring

2nd Year PA 
Sum, Fall, Spring

Final Semester 
PA Summer

Tuition $41,565 $41,565 $13,855
Fees $1,488* $477*  
Background check and drug screen $145 -- --
Student Health Insurance $2,692* $2,330*  
Books, Equipment, Supplies $2,355 $1,600 $500
Living Expenses $11,910 $11,910 $2,978
Food $4,062 $4,062 $1,016
Personal and Other $4,448 $4,448 $1,112
Transportation $2,868 $2,868 $717
Loan Fees $1,438 $1,438 $480
Total Budget $72,971 $70,698 $20,658

*Fees, Health and Disability Insurance are subject to change