Tuition and Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Our University Financial Aid Office administers all financial aid and has comprehensive information for graduate students on their main website. The School of Medicine (SOM) Office of Financial Aid is committed to providing students access to funds for which they qualify. We encourage all prospective students to begin the financial planning process early and will work with you and your family to determine a financial plan for your education.

Once students are accepted into the program, they should complete the FAFSA application. The application is used to help determine your financial aid eligibility.

Our School Code: 003137

To receive federal financial aid, students must: 

Types of Aid

Student Loans 

For graduate students, there are three types of low-interest loans available. They include: 

Outside Scholarships 

Students are highly encouraged to search and apply for outside scholarships. Look to outside scholarship search engines, employers, local foundations, clubs, and community scholarship opportunities. Students should notify the Office of University Financial Aid of any outside scholarships received.


Cost of Attendance Budget
Physician Assistant (PA) Program

1st Year PA
Sum, Fall, Spring

2nd Year PA 
Sum, Fall, Spring

Final Semester 
PA Summer

Tuition $43,020 $41,565 $14,340
Fees $1,6471 $4772  
Background check and drug screen $145 $145 --
Anatomy Scrubs $87    
Student Health Insurance $3,192* $3,192*  
Books, Equipment, Supplies $2,355 $1,600 $500
Living Expenses $11,910 $11,910 $2,978
Food $4,062 $4,062 $1,016
Personal and Other $4,448 $4,448 $1,112
Transportation $2,868 $2,868 $717
Loan Fees $1,438 $1,438 $480
Total Budget $75,172 $71,705 $21,143

1Medical Equipment, Exxat Fee, Disability Insurance, Graduate Student Council Fee, Activity Fee, OAPA Professional Dues, AAPA Professional Dues, Prep Course

2Exxat Fee, Disability Insurance, Graduate Student Council Fee, Activity Fee, Cleveland Clinic Workshop Fee

*Fees, Health and Disability Insurance are subject to change

The SOM Office of Financial Aid staff is available and happy to assist you. Please contact our office when you have questions or concerns.

Case Western Reserve University
School of Medicine Office of Financial Aid
Room T-303
10900 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44106-4920
Telephone: 216-368-3666
Fax: 216-368-6011