Physician Assistant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We've compiled a list of common questions and answers about the graduate physician assistant program. This includes questions about general admissions, academic and experience prerequisites, the application process, admission decisions, competitive applicant profile, program/curriculum and general information. Please review the full list before making inquiries to the PA Program. 

  • What is the CWRU PA Program Application Deadline?
    November 1, 2020

  • Do you require a supplemental application?
    No, a supplemental application is NOT required at this time. If you have courses in progress at the time of your application to CASPA, you may have a transcript sent electronically (preferred) after completion of the course to PAProgram@case.edu or to the following address:
    Physician Assistant Program
    CWRU, School of Medicine
    9501 Euclid Avenue, 421J
    Cleveland, OH 44106-7506

  • When does prerequisite coursework need to be completed for the application cycle?
    All prerequisite coursework must be completed by the end of Fall semester of the year of application. Please note: Applicants will not be considered for admission if they are taking more than two prerequisite courses during Fall Semester.
  • Is there any flexibility with prerequisite coursework? (i.e. Can I substitute General Chemistry for Organic Chemistry? Does Physiology have to have a lab component? I don’t have Medical Terminology, will I still be considered?)
    You MUST HAVE THE COURSEWORK AS LISTED, including credit hours and labs to be considered for admission. Prerequisites may be in process but must be completed no later than Fall semester of the year of application.
  • Can I transfer coursework to fulfill program requirements or get Advanced Placement?
    All courses within the curriculum are required. No transfer credit or applications for challenge examinations is accepted, no credit is granted for pre-admission experiential learning and no advanced placement is awarded.
  • Can I attend the program part-time?
    The physician assistant program is a full-time program and there is no part-time status.
  • What kind of documentation does the CWRU PA Program want for the lab confirmation?
    You can upload a word document listing an official course description or screen shot from the Registrar page listing the lab component. This should be done for ALL coursework requiring a lab component unless your university lists the lab portion as a separate course.
  • I am close to the patient care experience 1,000 hours but I am short, should I wait to apply?
    Applicants with less than 1,000 direct patient care hours completed in the United States at time of application will NOT be considered for admission. Applicants must have at least 1,000 direct patient care hours when they apply. As a part of the application, please include a letter from your supervisor indicating the number of hours that you worked to complete your patient care experience. This letter should be signed and on the organization's letterhead.
  • I did some of my patient care experience as a University internship, does it count?
    Direct Patient Care can be paid or volunteer experience, but it must be completed in the United States and cannot be taken for academic credit.
  • What score do you require for the GRE? What is the CWRU PA Program GRE code?
    We complete a holistic review of each applicant's file in determining admission and will look at everything the applicant has submitted. The CWRU PA Program GRE Code is 1703.
  • Will I be considered for admission with only two letters of recommendation? Who should write my letters?
    Please provide no less than three letters of recommendation. If you have less than three letters you will not be considered for admission. At least one letter of support must be furnished by a health care professional who has known the applicant for at least 6 months.
  • What documentation do you want uploaded for the “Clinical/Professional-Community Service Verification?”
    Please upload a document (MS Word, PDF) which lists in more detail each of your community service experiences for the past five years including a brief description and number of hours of activity/event. At the end of the document you should calculate the total number of hours and list them in the CWRU PA Program questions. Community Service is not to be counted as direct patient care experience and vice versa.
  • The document Clinical/Professional-Community Service Verification’s name is confusing, should I list employment in this document?
    Please do not list any experience for which you received payment-that is not community service. This is for volunteer community service, not for actual paid work.
  • Can I set up an appointment to meet with admission counselors to look over my transcript to get advice on how my coursework?
    Unfortunately, the CWRU PA Program cannot offer admissions counseling/advice to applicants at this time.