Kelsey White '23

Kelsey White in her whitecoat in front of a hospital building

WAR EAGLE! My name is Kelsey White and I graduated from Auburn University with a B.S. in Biomedical Science. Prior to starting PA school, I worked as a Certified Nurse Aide at a long-term care facility in Columbia, Tennessee and as a Research Assistant in the HDFS department at Auburn University focusing on health disparities specifically in rural Alabama. My nine-year-old black cat, Rolo, made the big move with me from Alabama to Cleveland this past May. During my free time I enjoy running, SEC football, and cooking.

Preferred Pronouns?  she/her/hers

Where would you say you are from?  Willoughby Hills, Ohio, USA

Where did you receive your Bachelor's degree?  Auburn University​​​​​​​

What degree(s) have you completed thus far?  Bachelor's degree

How did you hear about CWRU's PA program?  Google

Why did you choose the PA program?  Close to family.
What are you looking forward to the most in the PA program?  Community outreach.
What advice would you give future PA students as they begin to search for programs?  1) Pick a program that feels like home to you. 2) Don't worry about moving states/ far from home (coming from someone who moved 13 hours from their undergrad, I have loved every second of living in Ohio).