Student Employment Policy

 (ARC-PA Standard A3.15E)

  • PA students are urged not to work while in PA school.
  • PA students absolutely may not work full-time.
  • Any student wishing to work while in school must meet with PA program director for prior approval.
  • No student will be approved to work for more than 6-8 hours per week.
  • A student who chooses to work may not miss, be tardy or reschedule classes, labs, exams, special assignments, community service work or clinical rotations.
  • The working PA student may not switch classes, labs, special assignments, community service work or clinical rotations.
  • Academic standards must be upheld and make-up classes, labs or exams are not offered.
  • The recommendation to discontinue working while in the program may be made to a student if his/her GPA drops below 3.00/4.00
  • Physician assistant students may not perform service work for the CWRU Physician Assistant Program (or any of its clinical affiliates). Students may not be substituted for or function as principal faculty, instructional faculty, clinical faculty or administrative staff in any phase of the program, including supervised clinical practice experiences (SCPEs). While enrolled in the University, no PA student may serve as an instructor or tutor (other than a classmate peer tutor) to other enrolled PA students (ARC-PA Standards 3.04, A3.05 and A3.06).
  • Students enrolled in Case Western Reserve University's Physician Assistant Program may not participate in organized sports.

Updated 11/29/17

Reviewed by PA Program February 4, 2024