Center for AIDS Research (Rustbelt CFAR)

Sponsor - U.S. National Institutes of Health (P30-AI36219)
Principal Investigators - Jonathan Karn, PhD, CWRU; Sharon Hiller, PhD, Univ. of Pittsburgh; Co-Investigator - Immaculate Nankya, PhD, CWRU/Uganda

Type of Study / Description Core infrastructure support for HIV clinical and laboratory activities, improving resources for HIV funded research studies
Interactions Collaborating investigators/staff, utilizing shared infrastructure; provides HIV core clinical and laboratory-based services and support for TB-HIV research at CWRU and in Uganda

Overview of CFAR

The Case Western Reserve University Center for Aids Research (CFAR) has been funded since its initiation in April 1994 and expanded to include the University of Pittsburgh in 2022. The CFAR has a mandate to coordinate basic and clinical research activities and to promote interdisciplinary research in HIV infection and AIDS. 

One of the positive benefits of the CFAR is the uniting of basic scientists working on AIDS with their clinical colleagues. Since its founding in 1994, CFAR has been dedicated to coordinating an ever-expanding spectrum of AIDS-related activities. Major strengths include clinical and translational research, international research, and training young researchers.

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Uganda Laboratory Core Services

Extensive laboratory services are available through the Uganda Laboratory Core. Services are available to Ugandan researchers and physicians as well as other funded researchers or clinical project leaders in Uganda. 

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