Tuberculosis Trials Consortium

Sponsor - U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (200-2003-01083 / 200-2003-01141 / 200-2009-32598 / 75D30119C06010)
Principal Investigator - John L. Johnson, MD, CWRU

Type of Study / Description TB clinical trials at U.S. and international sites - see protocol details below
Interactions Collaborating investigators/staff, utilizing shared infrastructure.

Overview of the TBTC

The mission of the TBTC is to conduct programmatically relevant clinical, laboratory and epidemiologic research concerning the diagnosis, clinical management, and prevention of tuberculosis infection and disease. TBTC has sites in the United States, Canada, Brazil, China, Kenya, Peru, Philippines, Spain, South Africa, Uganda, and Vietnam. All sites have close connections with their local TB control program; some sites are based in the TB control program. All sites work with experienced mycobacterial laboratories; the CDC Mycobacteriology Laboratory in Atlanta, GA serves as a central laboratory for confirmation of drug-susceptibility testing, DNA fingerprinting, and further characterization of drug-resistant isolates. Since its inception in 1994 over 11,000 patients have been enrolled in TBTC clinical trials, including several done under Investigational New Drug applications. For further information about TBTC, visit the TBTC website.


Protocol Number

Study Title

Study Title

Project Site



  TBTC 38 Phase 2C clinical trial of novel, short-course regimens for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis: CRUSH-TB (Combination Regimens for Shortening TB Treatment 

  Study 38


  Actively Enrolling

  TBTC 37 Assessment of the Safety, Tolerability, and Effectiveness of Rifapentine given Daily for LTBI
(ASTERoiD; TBTC Study 37)
  Study 37  Uganda   Pending

  TBTC 31

A Rifapentine-containing Treatment Shortening Regimens for Pulmonary Tuberculosis

  Study 31, Study31PK,   Study 31B



   TBTC 36

Platform for Assessment of TB Treatment Outcomes - An Observational Study of Individuals Treated for Pulmonary Tuberculosis

  Study 36,   Study 36A

 Uganda  Completed

  DMID 08- 0023

A Pilot Study to Evaluate Nucleic Acid Amplification and Other Tests to Monitor the Effectiveness of Tuberculosis Treatment




   TBTC 29

Evaluation of a Rifapentine-Containing Regimen for Intensive Phase Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis; Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Studies of Efficacy, Tolerability and Safety of Higher Dosage Rifapentine for Treatment of Tuberculosis

  Study 29, Study 29PK



   TBTC 28

Evaluation of a Moxifloxacin-Based, Isoniazid-Sparing Regimen for Tuberculosis Treatment; Pharmacokinetic Studies in the Use of Moxifloxacin for Treatment of Tuberculosis

  Study 28,  Study 28PK



   TBTC 27

An Evaluation of the Activity and Tolerability of Moxifloxacin During the first two months of Treatment for Pulmonary Tuberculosis

   Study 27