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Uganda-CWRU Research Collaboration site awarded 10-year CDC-TBTC contract renewal (Feb 2021)

Uganda-CWRU Research Collaboration's TBTC program receives 2020 Sandman-Tapy Award (Dec 2020)

Results of TBTC Study 31/ACTG 5239, Presented at the 51st Virtual Union World Conference on Lung Health (October 21, 2020).

Summary of the main results of TBTC Study 31/ACTG 5239 - Rifapentine and rifapentine plus moxifloxacin-containing 4 month treatment shortening regimens for pulmonary TB - Phase 3 randomized trial. The 4 month regimen containing both rifapentine plus moxifloxacin was non-inferior in safety and efficacy to the standard 6 month regimen in all primary, secondary and sensitivity analyses. The 4 month regimen containing rifapentine was not non-inferior to the standard 6 month regiment except in a sub-analysis population of patients with lesser forms of TB (low sputum smear grade or non-cavitary disease). 

Scientific networks are helping African countries to access coronavirus lab supplies (May 26, 2020)

Harvard Chan School of Public Health and Collaborator, Dr. W. Henry Boom receive $30 million NIH contract to advance TB research (October 23, 2019) 

Professor Moses Joloba receives CWRU Alumni Association's 2019 Professional Achievement Award, October 11, 2019 (5 Alumni Award Recipients)

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    Past Events

    September 2019 TBTC News - US Congressional staff visit to Uganda-CWRU Research Collaboration

    On August 20, 2019 researchers from the Uganda-CWRU Research Collaboration in Kampala, Uganda hosted a group of six health policy advisors and counsel or legislative aides for six US senators, including the office of Senator Robert Portman from Ohio, and representatives from the Global Health Technologies Coalition (GHTC) and the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) during a visit to learn about the impact of U.S. funding for global health research. The group visited the Collaboration's TB Project Clinic at Mulago Hospital where they were briefed about the Collaboration’'s 31 years of TB and TB+HIV epidemiologic studies and clinical trials, toured the clinic, and met with representatives from the local TB Community Research Advisory Group and patients from several of the Collaboration’'s TB studies. Professor Harriet Mayanja Kizza (CWRU ’'98) and Dean Moses Joloba (CWRU '’96, '‘03) led the visit and gave brief presentations highlighting several key earlier clinical trials and their impact on TB prevention & treatment. Dr. Grace Muzanyi concluded with a brief presentation about TB Trials Consortium/ACTG A 5349, a large international study of new regimens to shorten treatment from 6 to 4 months for adolescents and adults with pulmonary TB. A Q&A and discussion was held at the end of the visit. The visitors commented on the substantial outputs from the research, the quality at which it has been conducted, and enjoyed interacting with the community TB group and former patients. The Collaboration was grateful for the opportunity to inform US government leadership about our TB and TB+HIV research.

    Dr. Charlie Bark receives new TB funding for work with Uganda Collaboration (September 2019)

    CWRU consortium from MGH for new TB Immunology Research Award (September 26, 2019)

    CWRU THINK Magazine Spring/Summer 2019 - articles highlighting work with Uganda-CWRU Research Collaboration:

    New Immune Markers of Exposure to MTB Challenge Decades of Clinical Practice - Results of TBRU's Work with Collaborators in Uganda, University of Washington and The Ragon Institute, May 2019

    2016 Uganda-CWRU Anthropology-Engineering team - collaboration of Makerere and CWRU's social scientists and biomedical engineering faculty and students

    image of Uganda CWRU Research Collaboration in Uganda