Coordinating Center

The Tuberculosis Research Unit (TBRU) Coordinating Center was established at Case Western Reserve University in dedicated space provided by the School of Medicine in 1995. Our team of experienced personnel coordinate all TBRU activities, both at CWRU and with remote investigators and sites, including the Uganda-CWRU Research Collaboration.

Administrative Center

An administrative team is responsible for the planning, managing, monitoring, and reporting of research activities conducted by the TBRU and the Uganda-CWRU Research Collaboration.,

Administrative personnel oversee and maintain all general support activities including overall communications/meeting support; coordination of funding and project reviews; overall fiscal management; report generation/requirements; assistance with protocol development and regulatory oversight; foreign site supplies provision and additional assistance as needed, as well as other day-to-day activities. Provision of a central support unit at CWRU for ongoing research activities has proven essential for a well-integrated, and coordinated multidisciplinary international unit.

Marla Manning oversees the administrative aspects of the coordinating center and the Uganda-CWRU Research Collaboration. She works closely with a Regulatory Consultant and Administrative Coordinator to maintain support for all activities, including coordination of all activities with data personnel. Routine conference calls and meetings are held to assure communications are maintained for research activities.

Data Management Center

A data management team, based at CWRU, is responsible for the data management, analysis, and operational project management activities for our international research.

Data Management provides support and coordination for the scientific, statistical, data processing and operational aspects of research conducted by the TBRU from start to finish. Specific activities include study/protocol design and development; coordinated project and regulatory management, data collection systems; quality assurance and quality control; statistical analysis; maintenance of study data, and required documentation/reporting.

Catherine Stein, PhD, oversees the Data Management Center. The data team is further comprised of dedicated data/project managers, a statistical analyst, an IT specialist, a regulatory manager, and additional data clerical assistance.