Awards and Testimonials


In 2018 the Pathway received an award from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation for the most innovative program for future health care professionals.  Read more about the award here!

Student Testimonials

"The Wellness Pathway has been a really incredible learning experience so far. We have covered a wide variety of topics related to Wellness, such as nutrition, psychology, motivational interviewing, and self-care. One of my favorite things is that we actively engage in the material, such as in our hands on cooking classes, rather than just listening to information about it. Everyone involved in the program is really passionate about all different forms of wellness: physical, emotional, psychological, ect., and this fosters a really fun environment! It has been an amazing addition to my medical curriculum, and I have already seen it influence how I care for patients and understand their health on a larger scale."

~ Caroline, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University.

“The Wellness Pathway has been a unique component of my medical education and the weekly sessions are something I look forward to on a regular basis. It is no secret that medical education is a grueling process and it is all too easy to let personal wellness fall by the wayside with the variety of demands placed upon us as students. The Wellness Pathway has been invaluable for me as a way to take a break from the traditional curriculum and engage in topics that are otherwise not covered or very briefly talked about. It is ideal because it serves as a stress-reliever while also focusing on topics such as healthy eating, how to assess nutritional status, motivational interviewing, and public health. Things such as healthy eating and the associated monthly culinary labs provide benefit in the way of providing realistic strategies not only for personal wellness but also for the care and wellness of our future patients. Other topics, such as motivational interviewing, are tremendously valuable in working with all sorts of patients irrespective of what field of medicine we ultimately choose.

Student wellness is a hot topic in medical education and it seems like every school likes to point out how they promote wellness and student well-being. The Wellness Pathway stands out in that it is a formal pathway with specific topics and scheduled sessions covering many different facets of wellness, rather than just a loosely defined initiative used by the admissions office to woo prospective students. I am very glad that I chose to participate in the Wellness Pathway and I have no doubt that it will provide benefit to me as an individual but also to those I care for in the future.”

~Sanjay, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

“The Wellness Pathway has been an excellent supplement to my medical education at CWRU; it provides additional depth in a wide variety of wellness related areas including nutrition, psychology (mediation, cognitive behavioral therapy, depression, PTSD, etc), exercise, and special interviewing techniques like motivational interviewing.  These areas are increasingly recognized as some of the most important for preventing the chronic diseases that affect a majority of individuals in our society.  The Wellness Pathway equips interested students with additional skills to work on these fundamental underlying factors of disease with future patients.  Overall, I think it is a crucial supplement to the medical school curriculum for those interested in counseling patients to a healthy lifestyle.  At the same time, the pathway advocates for and integrates learning activities to help medical students maintain a healthy lifestyle and understand stress management techniques.  Hands on culinary labs get students into the kitchen, helping us understand exactly what some dietary recommendations entail, and how to make cooking easier.  I plan to draw on these experiences when talking to patients about healthy lifestyle change.  The Wellness Pathway is one of the unique learning experiences offered to CWRU medical students that helps make our medical school one of the best in the country.”

~Josh, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine