Evidence Informed Practices and Other Best Practices

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The Ohio Substance Use Disorders Center of Excellence (SUD COE) compiles and disseminates Evidence Informed Practices and Other Best Practices. These comprehensive resources are meticulously curated to support healthcare professionals, researchers, and educators in integrating evidence-based approaches into their work with substance use disorders. Our collection plans to include a wide range of practices: 

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Each category above is rich with resources designed to strengthen SUD professionals’ understanding and application of these Evidence-Informed Practices (EIPs)/ Evidence-Based Practices (EBPs) / Evidence-Supported Interventions (ESIs), whether through SUD COE training material, literature review material prepared by the SUD COE team, or links to external tools and reports. Our aim is to equip SUD professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to ultimately improve outcomes for individuals grappling with substance use disorders.