Promoting Healing for Youth Trauma Survivors Across Ohio

Linking Systems of Care for Ohio’s Youth demonstration project is building capacity within Ohio communities to meet the needs of youth exposed to violence and coordinating prevention and intervention services.

Providing Support and Engagement for Professionals

Providing training opportunities across disciplines, offering support to those interested in becoming trauma-informed or trauma-responsive, and enhancing the relational health of our workforce.

Educating a Skilled Trauma-Informed Workforce

Creating a highly skilled workforce, grounded in trauma theory and enhanced by innovative evidence-based practices to deliver high quality services to promote healing in individuals, families, and communities.

Creating the Trauma-Informed Systems and Organizations

Creating system- and organizational-level transformation to support resilience in Cleveland’s individuals, families, and communities to interrupt cycles of violence, trauma, and adversity.

Creating Opportunities for Learning and Connecting Among Professionals

Developing a transdisciplinary network of practitioners, organizations, and policy makers to create new collaborations, reduce rates of burnout and turnover among professionals, and increase communication between fields all to better serve the most vulnerable populations and communities.

Training Social Workers in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics

Training social workers in a brain-based, developmentally sensitive model of clinical problem solving for traumatized populations, allowing them to prioritize treatment needs and connect with holistic resources to both aid in and expedite healing.